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   Is a stick broke Inna har ears or piece a wood. This likkle gyal nuh listen innu, me tell har stop walk round wid that stupid gyal she call fren. But she just backside stubborn. The likkle gyal nuh waan nuh friendship from har more than fe use har. I gwaan beat har when she come from school, a me push har out not she push me out. Or maybe she drawse a get tighter than mine. 

Likkle gyal,  mmi no tell u say u fe stop walk wid Pam gyal. Yuh drawse waist a squeeze Yuh, watch how me gwine buss u ass. Come yah to me. U think me ago warn yuh again, continue nuh listen to me and act stubborn yer. Go wash the plate them now to.

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Form of Poetry

Dramatic Verse

Author: Gillyan Gilchrist
A very intelligent female who has confidence in whatever she does.
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