Suicide Swings

Written by Savannah Wells |
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I just saw the children playing, admiring how high they have swung. But others tell me they’re just swaying in the wind where they were hung. A chilling thing to be told, I think to myself. I stared at their faces noticing every little detail. Their upside down smiles, with tears streaming down there faces. The way they transformed from happiness to sadness. How their lips snarled upwards, as they thought of the idea to fly. To leave and be done with everything. Go and fade into the dark oblivion. This haunts me and follows me every where messing with my mind. I sit here and watch them come here everyday. To scared to move. To scared to stop them. I want to scream and tell them everything is okay. But... it isn't. Why should I lie to them? Maybe they are insane and it is better for them to be swinging there. Back and forth, I watch, back and forth. Everyday it's someone new. For something new. My heart beats fast as I stare, wanting to scream. They kick their chair and then my voice pierces through the air. I collapse to the ground, then look up to watch them suffocate. Counting one, two, three......... three hundred fifty eight, three hundred fifty nine, three hundred sixty. Now it's just me staring at their lifeless bodies that swing in the wind. I've seen ten suicides and never have I felt this broken. Torn into little pieces. I felt so helpless that I should help. But... actually my personalities can't decide how to feel. I told you it messed with me. I like watching the life leave them. I like watching them descend into the darkness as their soul leaves their bodies. I don't scream or cry. I just stand there and watch them. I don't feel helpless, just thrilled And they, they just hang there. While I sit, smiling with an uncontrollable laugh. Waiting for the next victim of my amusement.

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Author: Savannah Wells
I love writing,singing, and hanging out with friends.


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