Syllable Counter

A simple yet very powerful syllable counter for poems and text which will count the total number of syllables and number of syllable per line for poems like haikus, limericks, and more.

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What are Syllables?

An essential aspect of communicating is talking. Talking involves constructions of sentences using words that carry meaning, by doing so one makes sounds of speech. A unit organization for sounds of speech is called a syllable. Usually, a syllable is made up of a syllable nucleus which in most cases is a vowel with consonants as optional and final margins.

Since they influence the rhythm, the prosody, the poetic meter as well as the stress patterns of a given language, syllables are referred to as the phonological building blocks of words. Before the introduction of letters, syllabic writing had been used for hundreds of years. In the history of writing, the advancement from pictograms to syllables is considered the most important step.

Words can have one or more syllables. Words with one syllable, for example; dog, are known as monosyllabic. Disyllabic words are words with two syllables, for example; wa-ter. Words with three syllables are called trisyllabic words while those with more than three syllables are referred to as polysyllabic.

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