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My dad was once a teacher

At a village school in Africa

For four months

His salary was withheld

But for his mental health

And escape from kwashiorkor

He abandoned it for engineering


As a kid

I concluded mathematics teachers were wrestlers

With classrooms turned into rings

Foreheads were slammed countlessly

On cold mornings

That looked like WWE nights

For failing simple arithmetic


Though an agriculturist

My veins bleed mathematics

With addition being a knife

And bread substituting subtraction

I slice figures for margarine unions

That bind arithmetic in concretized brains


With a cupboard like trouser

And wagon shoe to match

I headed off for GDJSS

For a recruitment interview



With my face mask on

I coughed loudly

Are you Mr Covid-22?

Asked the lanky head teacher

For 50 years now

We haven’t had a stable mathematics tutor

Why? I interrupted

For solving a 3 page algebraic surd

Students killed Mr Taiwo

Mr Jack cracked a puzzle

Only to be detained by a psychiatrist

Mrs Jane attempted trigonometry

But was bisected into a chord


We admire your courage

Like Lauren Singer

Who winnows sacks of poetries yearly

For Jendi Reiter

Preparing winning porridge


Walking down the class corridor

Students remained seat glued

Like rusted bolts

On a London rail







Prior to my coming

Students dreaded mathematics

As lesson bell rings

Seats turn dusty

While transformed bats fly windows

Scrambling for safe havens


Good day Sir

Buzzed the beehived class

With smiles like a twinkled star

I nodded like a lizard

For everyone to sit down 


Mathematics can sometimes be easy

And many times tough

Like tendons of a Christmas goat

Canine tears

Molars chew

Till chevon becomes capretto

You have 3 fingers

Don’t you?


How many have you?


How many hairs have you?


But that’s mathematics jargon

As nerves relaxed

I scribbled: Solve  X-3x+2=0


*Using trial and error method


Multiply X by 2 =2X

Find factors of 2X

 The numbers are -2X and -X

Substitute them into the equation and eliminate the middle term


Factorize X(X-2) -1(X-2) =0

(X-1) (X-2)=0

X-1=0    X-2=0

Collect terms X=1 or   X=2



*Using quadratic formula method


Let X=a, -3X=b, +2=c

Substitute the numerical coefficient into the formula

a=1, b=-3 and c=+2


Expand the brackets

3+1 or 3-

X= 4/2 or 2/2

X=2 or X=1



Do you all understand?

With a roof raising applause

Students chanted

“Simple subject mathematics

It has to do with numbers

One, two

Listen to your teacher

Do assignments read your books

I discovered a simple subject”

Now solve this… 2X-7X+4=0 ?









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Author: Ekoja Okewu
I am Ekoja Solomon from Nigeria. I love engaging in writeups that spur humanity into action


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