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I got the chance to travel universe as a reward to my research on relative time. The tour was designed to visit a few places on earth and other planets where human can go. Scientist had found a few planets where human being is living.

As part of the tour we landed into a planet named Proma. We had a plan to stay seven days on this planet. After making a round we found an appropriate place for landing little away from the community. As we landed people gathered to see us. It was surprising for them. We did not have any contact there. People did not make any voice. Why it was not difficult for us to know that they do not communicate by making voices. They were just gesturing. It took about seven days for us to understand the behaviors of the local people. They used to live in a big family. They do not cook anything. They have habit to eat everything natural. There were many community staying little apart. One community covered sufficient land for their lively hood and grow some foods.

Other friends returning after dropping me because it was my responsibility to visit this planet. I was enjoying. They returned after seven days. I remained there. It passed one year. People started to present me as a god. People from many communities came to see me. It was a matter of prestige in Proma. For them, they found me. They were trying to please me by all means so that I do not go back to my planet. After one year I learned to communicate with gesture.

After one year I talked to my mum at home. She was happy to know about new places and people here. After two year people found a most beautiful and gentle girl for me to get married. They arrange marriage in their own way. It was a great ceremony. People from many communities joined in their own way. All they accept me as a god. There was nothing like a government.  People were independent. There was no sun or moon. Stones were found to emit light in the night.  I informed to my mum at home that I am married. Mother was not so happy, but accepted. After one year, goddess gave birth of one child. It was well celebrated. People from all communities came to see the new child. For them the child was child god. I informed to mother about my child and ceremony.

"Are you getting mad",  Mother said.

"Why mum?"

"It's just 20 minutes ago you got married and now you have child in place?"

"No mum it was one year ago I talked to you"

"I do not know what happened to you, are joking"

After one year. It was the fourth year that I have been to here. The community was celebrating great ceremony on this occasion. It was also one year of my son. People from all communities gathered. Leader of all communities expressed that it has been prosperous for all them after I came to the planet. After the ceremony I talked to mum.

"What happened to you, son?" mum asked with fear.

"No mum, it's already one year I talked to you. My son can walk now"

I realized that there is the time difference between the two planets. I calculated that one thousand years on this planet was one year in my planet.  I was not growing as per new planet. My age remained as per my home planet. It was surprising how it is possible. People on the planet are getting older and I am still the same age. Why foods and environment not affecting me. People were happy to see me in the same way. My wife was getting older. I was wondering how to switch my wife to my planet in terms of time. It was all about brains. I could not connect her to our planet.

I did not talk to mum then after and started to study in the relativity. I was wondering how time differed between two planets. My study of the earth was limited to theory. Here on the Proma, I am actually observing. There was no way to support such time differences. On other planets, it was not a problem because I did not see any human being and natural scene remained same while we were there.

I remained there for seven years. Then I decided to inform a friend to pick me up. But I was afraid because it was just 10 minutes for them. I was worried. I was not in the position to explain to people here about my problem.

I suddenly awake in the bed. It was a dream and everything happening in my dream. I realized that time on the planet actually was the time in my dream. Ten minutes of time became seven years in the dream. In other words, one year here would be 1000 years on that planet of dream. I was thinking how such planet exists in the dream. I analyzed the situation going on in my mind. It was a combination of all thinking going on in my mind at the present time for a few days. The dream is for fulfilling an unsatisfied need or the things that of deep interest abut not possible to happen in the real world.  

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Author: Nam Raj Khatri
Environmental Engineer from Nepal. Interested in art, photography, writing and short movie making on natural acting.


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