Ten Tips to Have A Fulfilling Twenty Four Hours

Written by Anuradha Sowmyanarayanan |

A day has got twenty-four hours, to make it a fulfilling day, Many works need to be done and they demand a lot of stress and strain. Some are a necessity and the other is compulsory. Tackling all these requires a lot of physical &mental strength. To face these challenges, the boost dose is available in the form a list of ten tiny tips that don’t squeeze you.

  1. Have a fruit a day without fail. An apple a day keeps you away from the doctor. Enjoy the day with a fruit of your choice. Keep energy levels at the top to face the day.
  2. Watch the sunrise or just the sun at least once and see the moon at night. This nature watch will make you understand routines as well as ups and downs in life.
  3. Prayers heal – chant a few lines of prayers every day or if you don’t know anything, listen to it at least, that itself will fetch you good results.  If these things didn’t suit you, try to recollect or listen to a rhyme, a poem or a song. Memorising is good.
  4. Share a positive thought with someone through a letter, phone, mail or message or else convey a compliment or a praise that’s long due. Talk something good.
  5. Hug someone you love or care for. Let it be parents, friends, spouses or children
  6. Definitely every day think about your dreams and channelize them surely. Never miss the focus.
  7. Read &write something. Many may not be interested to do these as they are much fed up with the school days itself. Still, try to read what comes to you like the advertisement boards, notices, snack wrapped papers or shopping bills. Just try this you will notice more things happenings around you &you can easily update you about your nearby events. Likewise write whatever comes to your mind, few words or sentences a day. writing helps to develop more concentration and attention
  8. Take time to dress up well with clean clothes, not necessarily new clothes. Stand before the mirror and feel good about yourself and not to forget to say that I’m happy, I’m healthy &everything is alright.
  9. Never recollect any negative thought or bad things that happened, if they enter, it’s hard to kick them out. so, never give them space.
  10. While you commute to work, notice or observe anything that will affect others. Try to clear that or improvise it in a way that will lessen the impact on others. Save or help others.
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