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The story is about a selfless women. Thandiwe who was a young , beautiful and well mannered women.

Thandiwe was the only girl child in her family. she had three siblings but she did not grow up closely with them. Thandiwe parents had two houses in kwazulu natal  and Gauteng.  Thandiwe went to school in natal while other siblings where placed in gauteng school. Thandiwe's father was working in factory in gauteng and Thandiwe's mother stayed in natal with thandiwe. The was the time when her mother had to go to gauteng to check on the father and other siblings. She left Thandiwe with neighbours to look after her. Thandiwe's mother will stay a month or two sometimes even more in Gauteng and not even sending money or food for Thandiwe have. The neighbours will get tired of looking after thandiwe and chase her. she will have to go back to the house and stay alone there. She will have no food, money even an elder to guard her.  Thandiwe will go to school with no food , no shoes and even books to write on. Thandiwe's teacher chased Thandiwe out to school because she did not have book to write on. Thandiwe had to stay at home for days not eating. The was the time when thandiwe was staying outside the house then she saw her big brother coming with bags. she could not believe she ran after her brother and help the brother with bags. Her face and eyes eyes where filled with joy .Her brought her food and cloths from their mother. Thandiwe ate ate ate and ate. The brother did not bring enough food and money . They went to shops to buy food to cook for few days. And the big brother started to go school in the area and Thandiwe had a new book . she also went back to school. The brother was a pillar in the house. He was doing all can for his sister to eat and go to school. Thandiwe 's mother came back and take Thandiwe with her to Gauteng where she started a new school and growed there. Thandiwe adjust the life in gauteng and started to get used to it. 


Thandiwe started to grow and moved to grade to another grades. But she never felt the love and need of having parents , as she was living with them but nothing to seem to change because she did not have love and attention like her siblings. But did not become a problem as she was not showing or even feeling the need to get that attention. Thandiwe is now a teenager. meets boys and mens in her life . They first approch her with love and gives her too much attention. Thandiwe did not notice anything bad, Because her friends were also getting same attention. And thandiwe also experienced to love and cherish other people as she did not know anything about that before. The boys came and left in her life until she found one boy who loved her from who she is. Thandiwe also loved Thabo with all her heart and her love for Thabo made her to realise and see the struggle she went through. Thandiwe mother used to beat thandiwe for arriving home late but that did not stop her from coming home late. Because the time she spents with Thabo is priceless gives thandiwe a closure to forget and feel what she needed to feel when she was a little a girl. Thandiwe was beaten everyday and she will cry and go to bed , she will start on thinking about she will forget all the pains she was feeling that why she was doing same thing over and over again. When Thandiwe was still in high high school she fall pregnant and when she tells Thabo he did not have a problem but supported her. Thandiwe found out and went to Thabo's family and Thabo's family agreed that the accept the baby. The was born Thandiwe went back to school and Thabo's mother supported the child with everything until Thabo get the job and supported his child and girl friend . Thandiwe went to school and finished the school, she and thabo were still in love nothing changed.  They had another child after a year thandiwe finished school . thabo paid a lobola for thandiwe and they started to stay together afterwards the continue to love each other and their kids , Thandiwe loves her children and cant imagine life without them. Thandiwe is now working and they are growing as a family. Thandiwe now knows and understand that being a women comes with different forms of ways and how it changing and changed as a person, Thandiwe likes to think is it Thabo that makes her life to be this good or is it her parents .  She keeps on asking if her parents loved and cared about her how will be her life be like now. If she did not meet Thabo how will her life be like now. But Thandiwe's life now is not wealth but any girl's dream. 

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Writing vanishes my problems, heals my pain , writing is my inspiration , shows me the side of me that i don't know, the brave & smart , Writing is part of my values and beliefs , The person that i am when i'm not writing is a fake me , because by then I am not free i'm living to please other people but not me. But in my writing i am not afraid to say NO ,I am FREE.


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