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An Africa where the youths will convert wastelands like mountains, hills and other highlands into wind mill farms. A place where students will build wind-harvesting plants from local ore and timber to produce energy for community use and exportation.

An Africa where women are indispensable members of the society. A place where women in the rural areas use kitchen and farm waste to produce bio-fuel capable of increasing family income,  where women will use gossip times to discuss about ways to stop women molestation,  and where women from rural communities in Lesotho will interact freely with their peers in Mozambique to adopt policies capable of protecting the female gender.

An Africa where polices that protect the girl child right are enacted. A place where a girl can freely choose when, where and whom to marry. A society where female circumcision does not exist and where the girl child has a level playing ground to compete with the male gender. A society where the girl child can inherit her parents’ property when they get old.

An Africa where children drive software technology. A place where primary school pupils engage in coding, software programming and application creation. A society where older Africans have enough time to address pressing needs like global warming and poverty.

An Africa where poverty is much annihilated. A society where all citizens have access to the necessities of life, where the Alma Jiri system of training children is abolished, and where each African is entitled to at least, $5 per day.

An Africa where everyone can recycle. A place where women engage in recycling to light up their communities, where waste polythene bags will be used to make rugs , and where unemployed graduates use empty tin cans to make home utensils.

An Africa where the education system is practical based and does not follow “garbage in garbage out” format. A place where students will be able to undertake jaw breaking research capable of providing cure to Aids and Cancer,  and where intellectuals will be given seed capital to run a business, and develop an entrepreneurial mind-set irrespective of their course back ground. A society where a nursing mother can be educated through the use of  a smart phone, while she sits at home to do home chores.

An Africa where her Agriculture is technology driven. A place where a cocoa farmer in Lagos will use a soil sensor to know the right land for use, where my aged grand-mother in the village will use drones to monitor and harvest her palm, and where agricultural engineering students will produce machines capable of reducing post-harvest loss. A society where no one will go to bed hungry for lack of food.

An Africa where her climate is next to none. A place where the duty of protecting the Oxone layer is upheld by all, where a Ghanaian hunter will not set a field on fire in search of rat, where a Zulu boy will learn to put off an unused running tap , and where communities will team up to discourage the use of Chlorofluorocarbons.

An Africa where pollution is not a challenge. A place where kids will be able to convert pollutants into harmless useful products, where Egyptian communities will be able to increase their GDP through the production anti pollutants , and where the aquatic habitat in river Benue stay alive to meet the tuition need of an Idoma boy who depends on fishing.

An Africa where artificial intelligence drives the workforce. A place where youths invest their time to make robots, which will increase productivity without taking away our jobs, and where physically challenged persons, will use robots to solve problems facing their communities.

An Africa where youths will use their STEM knowledge to run free and fair elections. A place where youths will shun corrupt practices like rigging, snatching of ballot boxes and vote buying. A society where an 18 years old Malian president will chair the 2063 AU meeting, and where women will be able to use their smartphones to determine the outcome of an election.

An Africa where communities will fund innovative ideas capable of playing multiple roles. A place where youths will build roads that can covert heat energy during the day to light up streetlights, where young boys all over Africa will team up with Ethiopia and other drought hit regions to address their challenges through building projects.

An Africa where the equator belt becomes an agricultural-energy hub. A society where agricultural students will take trips to afforest the Sahara desert, where youths will team up to harvest solar energy from the desert for export, and where potential African migrants to Europe will be discouraged from embarking on such dangerous adventure, and given juicy job opportunities.

 An Africa where wildlife conservation is the duty of everyone. A society where her natural habitat has the largest diversity and where our elephants will not be poached but protected by community security guards. A place where everyone is encouraged to plant and nurture a tree in his or her lifetime.

An Africa where xenophobic attack is not experienced. A place where a Nigerian can walk, work and live freely in South Africa without fear of being hurt. A society where Arabs from North Africa will relate with people from West Africa as their brothers and sisters.

An Africa where the intellectual properties of her citizen is safe. A place where teenagers build application that will help monitor patents abuse, where a Congolese artist will be able to make a living without the fear of piracy, and where strict punishments are mete out to unrepentant pirates.

An Africa where every country is a trade free zone. A place where a Cameroonian trader can cross border to Tanzania for marketing his products without harassment.

An Africa where there are no more land disputes. A place where all land in a community belongs to everyone, where crop farmers and herdsmen can co-exist without clashes, and where all citizens irrespective of age, sex and religion can own a land.

An Africa where truth and equity reigns. A place where community run mobile courts exist to resolve conflicts among citizens, where a poor man on the wheel chair that does not have money to file a law suit can win the erring president of his country, and where the litigation process is shortened for the benefit of all.

An Africa where everyone has freedom of interaction irrespective of one’s social status. A society where a woman selling tomato by the road side can easily access loan from the finance minister of her country, where disabled members of the community can caution an erring public office holders, and where children will use Afri-connect (Africa’s version of Facebook) to discuss their family challenges with welfare agencies.

A place where the transport system is available, affordable and accessible by all. A society where rail lines will connect the whole continent, and where a Gabonese youth will use his meagre pocket money to take a trip from Senegal to Kenya, for the sake of understanding the landscape of Africa.

An Africa where her health sector does not depend on government budget. A society where Africans will form community insurance schemes that will cater for the need of every African citizen irrespective of Nationality. A place where a sick Massai migrant is cared for and treated in Kinshasa.

An Africa that is a tourist site to the rest of the world. A place where tourists will prefer to visit for a day rather than spending a week in Las Vegas. A society where communities in Borno state will transform Sambissa forest into a renowned tourist site, and where Gambian youths will make extra income from the tourism industry through artefacts production.

An Africa where everyone is involved in the business of production. A place where all members of the society devote time to make products that can meet our immediate needs. A society where we shun importation to consume our own goods and export excess to other continents.

An Africa where religion will not dis-unite her citizens. A place where Muslims and Christians will cooperate to sanitize their surroundings. A place where pastors will be able to shield Muslims from attack during crisis and where our worship centres will be a safe haven for all.

An Africa where her security is community driven. A society where perceived terrorist can be granted amnesty and integrated into the security team. A place where communities will team up to build a perimeter fence around the continent, where a European visitor will be able to walk down a street in Tripoli without been kidnapped, and where the property of everyone is protected by all.

An Africa where children, youths, women, physically challenged, vulnerable members of the society and everyone is able to adopt and transform these ideas into reality for the overall socio-economic growth and well-being of the continent. God bless my continent Amen.


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Author: Ekoja Okewu
I am Ekoja Solomon from Nigeria. I love engaging in writeups that spur humanity into action


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