The Bitter Cold

Written by Kay Mann |
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The ice crept up the glass panes of the window, giving it a broken look.

“It’s cold out” spoke a concerned voice. “Please be safe”.

I turned from the door, the handle cold to touch.

“I will mother. You worry too much.” I replied with a smile.

But I could tell that this wasn’t enough to convince her.

It wasn’t a lie, she did worry too much, but I could understand why.

Me and mum have been all each other had since I was born.

I opened the door and felt the frozen breath of winter brush my face.

But this didn’t change my decision, as I step out in the bitter life the outside world held.


They tell you that mothers know everything and as a child I thought that it was just a lie.

But today this changed. Today I believed her. Her ability to know what would happen.


I watched her sit in the dark, watching out of the window.

The police just left.

Apparently the car found the ice and argued with the rubber on the tyre resulting in the ice pushing off the offending tyre.

The only net was the trunk of the tree. This net is what stopped me.


I know that she was waiting for the sound of my engine. The sound of my voice and the look on my face as I tell her “it’s way too cold.”

Instead, she was left with the loud silence and tears that showed the memories that she would never get to see.


But I wish I could tell her that I’m still here.


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Author: Kay Mann
I am a broken person who struggles with mental health and the only way I can explain it is through my writing. My writing covers many different themes; love, loss, struggle and mental health. I also write children’s stories that show it’s ok to be different... One common thing... They are all Short stories.


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