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In the era of the reign of Napoleon II the iron God, the battalion that was in charge of the armoury of the citadel which I anchored was sent on a fate-determining mission to search for the 'heart of the dragon', a weapon which was passionately sought after by the entire 7 kingdoms in the 'Valley of gods'. 

The night before the mission,  I gathered the men and gave them the privilege to entertain themselves with the savoury ladies that only our kingdom in the entire 7 kingdoms had.  While this was going on,  I took my time to check on my long term draft work on the civilization of the native men who do not have access to the 'fruit of life' which only men of the seven kingdoms had. In the research proceedings I discovered that the blood of a typical inhabitants of the seven kingdom when mixed with the red aloe will give the natives the ability to survive the ultra red rays made by the old ruins tsunami. 

Early in the morning, I took the entire battalion and we moved girded with every sophisticated weapons our hands could lay on and we took the 'solvent pill' that replenishEsta strength time unto time.  On the rails that lead to the forest, we were my by an ambush from the 'Terebinth men's,  they are band of assassins outside the Seven kingdoms who are involved in the business of stopping by anything and ripping any treasures they can find.  There was a strugge to keep all that we have and it led to the death of over half of my battalion members. As the Commander I struggle to escape with few of my battalion with grievious wounds.  Running furiously out of the scene,  we took a sight ahead and saw a smoke burning from afar.  We move closer and saw that it was the Pilot booked for our quest standing by his ship,  we entered the ship and continued on our search now with few men. 

On the way to the west,  we suddenly saw an arrow sunk into the heart of the pilot and immediately we knew we were entering into another ambush zone of the Terebinth men controlling the west airstrip. The ship fell crashing into a planet that looks so primitive and we were sustained by a hedge tree.  On getting to the planet,  we were met by primitive native men with wooden and stoned shaped weapons. I told the men to drop their weapons and we succumb to them.  We were held in an isolated coven and then later released for questions. We never understood their language and they never understood us too. 

They soon enough started idolizing us when they saw how clothed we were. They took turns in touching our glowing bodies.  They gave us food and gave us shelter.  I started putting my research practices into reality.  We later made the people of the land a formidable army in the west and they became a threat to the seven kingdoms and kingdoms on other planets.  As of my mission,  I left it for a better one which is to civilize the natives. Knowing that a year to me is 1000 years to them there and my original mission has a time bomb attached to every one in the battalion which has a duration of 7 years. This elucidates that after 7 years we will blown into fluid.  We took the time to spend our seven years in making impact to our host community.  I made sure I made a monument of history that will keep my memories on. 

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Author: Judias Jude
An ardent and creative writer who has harness qualitative writing exposures and skills through the ages.


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