The English Girl

Written by Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik |
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He woke up, disoriented.


Chestnut waves of hair around him and bright eyes blinking in the morning light which streamed in from the open white curtains, between the ivory lattice bars which divided the window pane. The pale pink covers around him felt soft against his brazen naked muscular body as he began to move. As the shade of the bedding came into focus, it dawned on him that he wasn’t in his bed. What happened last night? His eyes snapped open. The cream ceiling shimmered into view above him with its delicate ornate fixings and embellishments as he attempted to sit up against the high black head board, brushing his hair from his face. Jesus, it was hot. His pale skin was damp to the touch from sweat and god knows what else from the night that had just passed. As he sat up, he slumped his head against the headboard and blinked hurriedly in an attempt to overcome his confusion, his eyes locked upon a navy blue strip of material attached to the bed post; a tie. Knotted harshly. He smiled to himself, gently curling his ruby lips, only able to imagine what he might have done last night. An empty champagne glass sat on a rosewood side table beside the double bed, no bottle in sight.


He swung his legs off the bed and planted his feet heavily upon the cream carpet, swaying dangerously as he did so, as if he were about to fall back. He slowly took a small step towards the open ivory wooden door, then - finding the first to be successful - took another, larger, step until he found himself leaning against the painted wall for support. His eyes glazed upon a blushing pink babydoll, strewn upon the carpet, aside from a matching thong. Where were his clothes? Shaking his head in puzzlement, he continued his journey to the corridor at a slightly greater speed. 


He walked through door and closed it behind him, so it made no sound. A soft trickling noise emanated quietly around the corridor. He followed the sound, edging along the white papered wall, until he found himself facing a closed door with a silvery handle. He sharply breathed, wondering what could be beyond. His strong hand made contact with the handle and he opened the door. The soft sound of melodic giggling emanated around the echoey room as he looked for the source. His eyes fell upon a white shower in the corner with a clean polished glass barricade which glimmered as the subtle light from the open window refracted against its surface. 


A young girl with raven curls streaming down her ivory back stepped out as she wrapped a lilac towel around herself, so only from the top of her breasts to the very tops of her milky white thighs were covered. “Good Morning, lover boy” she smiled knowingly. He looked blankly back at her, which oddly only made her smile wider. “You’re probably still tired from last night… you worked hard” she giggled. Her soft laugh was like tricking rain on a warm summer evening, musically running like rivers into the beyond. He continued to stare. He noticed a bronzed chain hanging from her pale neck; hanging from it, a swirling treble clef embellished with four twinkling white crystals. His attention was immediately snapped back to her sapphire eyes as she asked in a hushed whisper “what are you staring at?”, he knew not whether to respond to her utterance as it suddenly dawned upon him that he was still naked, his manhood clearly on display. She stepped towards him and tenderly kissed his cheek, “What happened?” He asked in a deep voice. Dropping her towel she lent into his ear,she whispered “how rude of me; would you like to go again or do you want a cup of tea first? We English do love our tea.” They stared into each other’s eyes and blushed. School would never be the same again. 


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Author: Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik
I’m 15 and Interested in history and English. I dream of being an author in the future.


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