The Existence of a Superhero

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In the vast sphere realm, Made of soils and Waters of the earth. Anticipated I the wayfare of no mayhem, While I traverse on the sea's heart. Embark I on the voyage of the whole, Cosmos in a vessel made of no hole. Doubted I the outcome of the undertaken adventure, With no foresight and prepared expenditure. Moving as in the water borne vessel as steady, Would forthcome in no uproar of storms and shaky Times of untowards whirlwind of the north, And radiations of the sun's glow though cold hot. To soar like the eagle in the sky, Apts better off than the low high Stirs of the aqual vessel defying the expedition, That mayhap leads to overwhelming doom and destruction. As I traverse the Universe, It's length and breath;The Multiverse, Of realms,planets,and domains unknown, and yearning to sojourn I in the regions known. Thus far,my proceeding ferry halts ashore, At a glance, awaits I a panache regions afore. But on an unadorned planet have I arrived , Where raw and earthy souls have not thrived. Plebs,savage and uncouth folks are they, Non compared to the civilized and cultured race is to-day. Anyhow, my water borne vessel lands at an harbour, So the inhabitants entreats me not with abhor. Bedwell lede of the crude spheriod beholds in awe, Cos, my arrival grasp them by terror. 'Tread he on the mighty sea', said the natives. For assertion and truth, their find out seem imperative. Yet on the sea, my footprint were faintly seen, Hence, enthralled were they the more by their ween. As they thinks me alights from the celestial sphere, With agape,said they;'In our midst descend he here'. Still, they chew over my survival through the upstirs Of the sea; hubbub, brawl and ruckus as I astir. 'For would no ordinary being outlast the mighty sea's wave', If I be extraordinary,they strive to know and crave. Nonetheless, they thought I be a demigod, Perhaps, Zeus the supreme ruler of the Greek gods. Others perceived I to be Hermes,the deity of the road; A herald of commerce and crafty inventions to their rode. But I, within knew I wasn't a god nor immortal , As they were, I was, a mere mortal. Yet I allowed their perceptions of me to keep on, While I bedwell and defer amongst them and won. Still and all,as I inhabit amidst the primitive species, Encountered I with barbaric deportments and friendly hostile faces. But my life's period portends lengthy days, Than the homelings of the planet in rustic ways. My existing moments seems largely prolonged, While quotidian, I abide in the region, a twenty and four hours long. For on the arms of seasons and year times I hung. But the natives lifetime is just a brief long. In the uncouth sphere, experienced I daytime and light; Midnights occurring after sunrise and sunset in sight. Also experient of the yeartime Varian; summer, Spring,autumn which betides yearly with the winter. However, one year to me is like a thousand year annually To the inhabitants; for thousands of year perennially. Would I have lived one to three yeartime, So sojourn I on the planet without a spent dime. Oh,my days on the planet I abode are numbered, For as the years passes by I pondered. Thither have I lingered a timespan of twice square and three; Thus equates seven year on the planet I tarry.
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Author: Victor Isaiah
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