The Human Heart

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Annie was a 15 year old girl. She belonged to a middle class family.She was the only child of her parents.They were not so rich but they were a happy family.One morning when she woke up,saw her father sitting depressed.Her mother was in the kitchen making breakfast.She ran towards her father and put her hands on her father's knee. "Oh Baba!what happened to you?.You look sick. Have you taken your medicines?"She was sitting on her knees while her father was sitting on the sofa.He held her arms and asked her to sit on the sofa."You know darling, I can't see you in pain then why are you sitting on the floor in this cold weather?" Annie became upset and said "Baba just answer me first!.You know that doctors have said if you will not take your medicines daily you may have a heart attack. She was having tears in her eyes.Her father smiled at her and said "You are my brave child, are'nt you? After me you will take care of your mother. She's not as brave as you". He was also having tears in his eyes but was smiling. She cleaned her eyes with her sleeves and put her fingers on her father's lips"Shhh...nothing will happen to you".Her mother voice came from the kitchen "Breakfast is ready!!".After two days her father suffered from a heart attack and doctor recommended him by pass. The very next day her mother went to hospital with some juices and her father's clothes. She insisted to go but her mother refused as her exams were over her head. She was sitting on a study table then suddenly something clicked in her mind, the study table on which she was sitting was gifted by her father on her 15th birthday. Tears from her eyes began to fall from her cheeks and again something clicked in her mind,this time it was a poem which her father used to read and always read it loud that's why she learned that poem. The title of the poem was "The HUman Heart" "How little it takes to please a human heart. Then the bell rang she thought "It must be Mama". She opened the door and yes it was her mother."You look so worried Mama. what happened?Is Baba alright?"."Yes my dear,tomorrow's your father's by pass", she replied. Next morning Annie and her mother went to hospital. As usual when she entered the room her father was smiling. She smiled back.He kissed her forehead. Annie sat down beside him."Do you remember that poem Qurut-ul-ain,the human heart?"Her father was the only one who call her real name."Yes I dp", she replied."How little it takes to bleed a human heart". Her father sighed."Don't worry Baba you will be alright". He smiled at his daughter and said "You are my pride"."I know", she replied.And they both laughed. Then he was taken to operation theatre. After some hours doctor came she ran towards him and asked "Is my Baba alright?Can I meet him?".The doctor didn’t say anything even he was not facing Annie as he also had a heart and cannot face this little girl. She understood what had happened. Her mother was crying loudly and her aunt was consoling her. Annie didn’t speak a word, her heart was sinking and eyes were flooding with tears. No voice was coming in her ears except her father's voice singing that poem" And how little it takes to break a human heart....a word half-spoken and a word unspoken", just like the doctor did. She was stuck. Her father's words were coming in her mind" You are my pride, you are my brave child, you will take care of you mother". She ran towards her mother and hugged her "Don't worry Mama he will always be in our hearts, yes a human heart can also have some memories in it", she smiled."I'll make his dream come true, I'll become a doctor". She was thinking and was also smiling just like that when smiled at her Baba. Everyone was staring her but she was satisfied. One thing was still burning in her mind that who will call her "Qurut-ul-ain" now?

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Author: Khansa Noor
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