The journey of a hundred years

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I stood at the middle floor of the tallest glass house transparent to see through the city­­­. Somewhere in the northern part of one of the most advanced country in the world was my first speech to be aired. I was a little bit nervous as to how the citizens were going to accept my project.  It was really going to be a memorable day, perhaps first of its kind since the history of the world, after so many series of experience for the past couple of years.  It was the headlines and talks of most of the news media across the city and even outside the city. The city had many tall building and among the tall building, there were Infinite Dimension(ID) screen mounted on each of these building big enough that even the neighboring cities and states could view from. Cars became robotic and they could fly. But due to the great talk I was about to give to the city, every cars flying in the sky were halted for neighboring cities and states to see the revolutionary speech I was about to give live on television. It was actually a big honor on my part. I had a few more minutes to give my speech so I thought of rehearsing.


“My fellow citizen.” I began to rehearse as I moved to and fro “today is going to be a memorable day for us all as you all may well know what is about to happen from this day onward which has never been heard of in the history of human race. After so many long years of hard work on this project, I and my team were able to achieve our goal by the power of God bestowed on us. With outmost enthusiasm, I wish to inform the whole citizens that in this beautiful city of ours which is also one of the most advance cities in the world, we are replacing tertiary school with something more technological for the city. We have developed a technological device that that anyone can have access to for free, beginning from the remote areas in the city. It is designed in such a way that it could help you detect your potentials for you. It is designed in such a way that it works with your cognition. This project will be called CITY REVOLUTIONARY AND EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM PROJECT (CRESP).

We don’t want a city looked at as one of the most advanced city in the world using the system of education that was invented around by the British Empire around 400 years ago or less, lecturing different kinds of people with different potentials and thinking faculty under a single roof. Though this system of schooling actually worked out but not anymore in this generation. We are in a generation where robots are populating and even competing with human race. The internet can now be found in every home around the world. Tertiary School is now obsolete, finding and improving your potentials in your own way for the world to be in a better place for us all to live is our goal. That is the unique purpose for creating the CRESP .  Thank you all.

Not too long, I heard a knock on my door. “Hello Sir. Please we are ready for your speech” A stunning girl…I mean robot girl said as I turned to look at who was knocking at the door. She began to look blurred until I open my eyes and realized I heard traveled hundred years to the future in my dream.

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Author: Al-Hassan Jimoh
I am Al-Hassan from Nigeria.Passionate in speaking and writing. I wish to enlightening the world about some realities and facts through writing and speaking


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