the love in meaning

Written by mohamad safan |

There are some boys who talk in games
After they get hard they say
One must remember about his love without blame
First say I remember my teacher when he was angry
You must work you must study
To make your country above in a way
To let the enemy run and far away
To make his day being good day
So I love him as he looks after my interest in the same
Way that make me have important and famous name
Another look at them I say the player is my love
He gets victory and triumph in play
He trains good and hard
To do what he wants in the game
The third say the singer is good
I love him as it sings even in his mood
When I grew up, I want to be like
The another say my mother only her
She looks after me in all day
And night she see if I sleep in a good way
She can sacrifice without wait
She gave her soul to let me happy
The important one is my mother only mother
Who gave without wait any thanks to her

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Author: mohamad safan
ai am a writer and have more blogs for children, family,financial and women. i wrote also books at Amazon and lulu publisher. I have books for children and family. i love reading and writing poems and stories. i like nature and green plants. roses and flowers make me happy. i love winter and summer. rains make me happy and fresh air.
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