The Lullaby of the Forest

Written by Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik |
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Tall willow trees swept to the strangely warmed ground in the sweet dewy air. A gentle scent of spring woodland berries and nuts and fronds lingered all around the soft large curves of the leaves. Intertwined with the thick swirling branches, small orbs of pure celestial silver light danced and dallied in the warm dusk air.


Behind the trees, a blend of lilac and soft midnight blue constituted the dusk sky. The colours conspired beautifully as an ocean corrupted only by white stars high above; the waves, swirling and spiraling lightly like moths to a candle in the depths of winter. A crescent moon glowed; its kindly lunar luminance winking and blinking from out between the leaves. 


Beneath, the ground was light under foot with thick lush green grass growing – slightly thinned upon the small untrodden pathway. Many bugs and insects in vibrant shades coveted the small wild flora that grew all around in prepossessing shades of magenta, violet and indigo with curved petals and darkened leaves with a clear undivided passion.


A sweet harmony of the forest emanated all around from an unseen source. The soft whistle of the wind through the trees, the gentle whispering of the moths and butterflies and bees in flight and a strange sound of a hollow lush, a lightly stringed harp and silvery wind chimes joined to become a song: a lullaby of the elements of the time between the light and the darkness: awakening the hearts and passions and sous of all who’s ears were blessed with hearing it. 


High among the velveteen green leaves, intermingled with the moon and the stars and the song, two figures held hands tentatively; softly suspended in midair. A boy and a girl. My chestnut hair whisked and whirled around our willowy youthful forms as we slowly danced to the nightsong. Our bright eyes locked; sapphires glistening in the light. Gently, he leaned toward me and our ruby lips touched as the perfect inner petals of a blushing rose.

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Author: Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik
I’m 15 and Interested in history and English. I dream of being an author in the future.


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