The Midnight in red paint

Written by Malavika Vipin |
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Tia was curious to read the book borrowed from the library. Time is about to 11 pm.Everyone slept. In the dim light she started reading, the book fell down. A letter came out, with curiosity, she took it. 
Gosh! Pages in the book are scribbled badly with the red paint. She kept the letter aside. Tia becomes tensed, at the library she didn’t notice any, even librarian has crossed checked the book. Then how? 
She only took out the book from the bag now only. Then how? She examined the pages scribbled with red paint. Some alphabets R, H, U, T. She then took the letter and read. 

No name. No date. 
I need you, dear... to forget you... my worries... as soon as you read this summon me: 41 67,788 890 
Love you. 

Ah! Love letter... Tia skews down the letter and went to sleep. Suddenly some tremendous noises... Everyone in the house woke up, they warned me not to open my bedroom’s door. 
Mama: Tia, Stay safely inside, don’t worry. 
Mama locked her inside the room for safety. 
Papa: Damn it! What are these harsh noises? 
They checked the house; couldn’t figure it out. Clock ticks midnight bell. Horrid noises went off. Mama and Papa looked each other. Mama opened Tia’s door. 
Papa: O’ Brutus! 
Mama: My baby... Tia!
Tia: Mummy, Papa! What happens? Why are you crying? Noises went off... 
Mom pushes her to the mirror. 
Tia shouted. She was desperate to watch her in the mirror. Her body and face were scratched severely, broad divisions of thick blood and flesh. Terrific! 

She took that book, searched for the page... Red paint is still there.Then she searched for the letter. 
Papa: What are you searching my kid? Come on, let’s go to the hospital. 
Mom notices something on the wall. Letters R, H, U, T one by one in each wall. 
Tia got the letter... She took the phone and dialed; the call went on they heard the same noises. 
Mama: H, U, R, T 
Papa: Are you both mad? What is going on? 
With anger Papa tore the pages. The appalling noises came back, the door closed. In front of their eyes, their flesh went off, blood thrush out. The midnight in red paint!


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Author: Malavika Vipin
International young writer
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