The Mysterious Planet

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One sunny day I was in a rocket that was about to blast off any minute. I was wondering where this rocket was about to take me but where ever it was going to take me I was ready as it was my dream to explore the galaxy and I was always thinking what is in between these stars. I took my pens, pencils, notebook, food, water and lastly my camera. After a while the rocket landed in a deserted place which was full of rocks and sand. I started exploring the planet with my camera. It seemed to be a big planet and I was tired so I came back to my rocket and sat down next to my rocket after a while I saw some mysterious shadows of natives coming towards me, when they reached close to me they started bowing at me I thought that they were just showing respect because I was new to them. They started offering many gifts which I refused as my mother taught me not to accept gifts from strangers. They pointed at the rocket then at me and bowed and were using sign language through which I understood that they are thinking that I am God because I had a machine [that was the rocket ship]. I said “NO” but they didn’t understand then I pointed at the rocket than at me then I bowed and lastly I nodded my head. That was a big mistake I started taking pictures to which they got so angry, they were thinking that I am attacking them through flash light from camera. They thought I wasn’t God and they started throwing stones and dust at me and they also chased me. They got tired so they stopped and so did I then I took a stick and drew pictures and was speaking to them through it. I was hungry and ask them about food they were generous and brought me fruits and water .The fruits were delicious and water quenched my thrust. They were only talking through sign language and I slowly taught them the alphabets and teach them to speak but one things I noticed that they were getting old very fast and I realized that my one year was as big as there one thousand year. Then after 3 years of hard work they started speaking and writing. I was there for 3 years and were staying with them like one of them. They were friendly cooperative and hardworking. They took care of me like a sacred person.  I took a lot of pictures of them then after 2 years they gave me a book that they secretly wrote whatever I showed them. Since I had only one year left I told the natives they got sad but then gave me the best bed on their planet out of tree branches. When the day came for me too say goodbye  I took all my stuff including the stick through which I teaches them with and the book that they secretly wrote in and lastly some sand  and rocks for me to remember them .

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Author: Zaina Khwaja
I am 9 years old studying in grade 5. I have passion for writing and sport.


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