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100 years from now, on a place far, far away.   

“Welcome children! As your finals are finally over, I am sure most of you were looking ahead towards this particular day. Today is a rather important day for you all, where you will learn something no textbook can ever teach you.” Said Mr. Sakirato, the esteemed director of Trident.

The old man, who happened to have this very special day coinciding with his 87th name day, was full of enthusiasm to spread the good words to the next generation. For the past 44 years, he has been a busy man, founding, managing and eventually leading the single most crucial organization of the planet, Trident, which made all the decicive suggestions. However, it seems he has no intermediate plan of retiring soon.

He coughed a little and continued, “You must have studied about several species as a part of your curricular till now, but today we will study a different species. Humans, the most dominating species on the planet Earth. You know it more commonly as the blue-green planet.

I clearly understand the fascination most of you have with this planet and its inhabitants, the humans. It became particularly hyped when a space capsule hit our planet, about 50 years ago. Some say it was built and launched by humans, some say it was even manned and we have a human discretely living amongst us, ever since then. It has become the hot topic these days, once more, mainly because of the treaty the humans offered us a few months ago.

We are, by far, the only species, which resembles human species up to a great extend. Why? Because we have a theory that they might have evolved from the same spores as we did. Some of the spores from our world traveled that far and landed on this planet Earth, millions of years ago, in the form of a meteor shower..

We also inhabit in planets with a similar environment, similar, however not entirely same. We have blue blood due to the rich level of oxygen, our vegetation is predominantly in the pink spectrum, due to the component flosilate and our oceans appear yellow, due to our closeness to our star. The respective color counterparts are red due to hemoglobin, green due to chlorophyll and blue due to their spectrum phenomenon.   

To be honest, Earth indeed was a rather special celestial body created by nature. It is the 3rd planet from their star, the sun, in the Orion arm of the Milky Way galaxy. It is 9.58 light years away from our planet. Unlike its other sister planets, it was rewarded with beautiful and diversified flora and fauna. There were more than 8 million known species, out of which many evolved through ages and several couldn’t make it.

Earth has everything a man could need. The beautiful landscapes to live on and admire, rich ores to get minerals from, forests and wildlife to get food and woods from, and to have as companions. But they were given what no other species had, their intelligence. Human, being the creatures with the most intellect, established many accomplishments. They build huts for themselves to sleep, learned to harvest to satiate their hunger. In no time they began to learn to use various elements of nature for their survival and eventually their comfort. They rightfully regarded nature as their ‘mother nature’ who nurtures her children.

Human was smart, intelligent creature than almost remodeled the Earth. They invented and discovered and enhanced millions of things. A variety of food, clothes, games, music, is just a few to name. And the most amazing thing is, they could get it all from the earth itself. In one word, the earth was perfect for their survival, however, it was nowhere close to satiate their greed. They multiplied in numbers, and eventually, they began to consume resources more than they were supposed to. They could not or rather 'did not' differentiate between exploring and exploiting.

They destroyed forests to first make houses and the gardens, and the roads, and then building and so on. They not only acquired other’s landmass but also expanded both inside the earth and outside. They divided the planet into zones, each with a group of dominating human masters. They began competing with one another to become the world leader, in the process, they overlooked the severe consequences they brought upon others and eventually themselves.
‘You can choose what actions you make, but you cannot have any control over what consequences it will bring along with it.’

They wanted to explore everything, about light and darkness, about fire and ice, about past and future, everything. They were doing it in the name of development, technology, but they forgot one obvious truth. They were right when they assumed the earth was ‘their home’ and rightfully gave them the authority to do what they felt was for the better, but, BUT, it was also ‘the only home’ to all the species that nature created. What about their rights?

They were stripped of their home, they were starved, hunted, for their fur, their skin, their meat, their teeth, and whatnot. With enormous efforts, few species were conserved in captivity, but my children, wildlife belong and flourishe only in the wilderness, not under the watchful eyes trapped in between concrete boundaries. Needless to say, it eventually leads towards their extinction.

As of now, we have established communication with more than 27 life species on various planets, spread all over the universe. But Human being is the only species ended more than 99% of their own species. No other event, mark my words children, nothing at all, no genocide, no celestial collision, and no war has caused such mass destruction, in the history of the universe known to us. But they didn’t stop there, they made it worse for even themselves. They classified each other based on race, religion, the status of development and so on. With time they created robots, and advanced artificial intelligence. These were ideally supposed to be slaves intended for making things easy for humans, but things didn’t turn that way. They found solace in machines rather than in people. They expressed their emotions to their machines, the so-called ‘live status’ instead of the people they should have.

There was a saying among humans, ‘lightning does not strike twice at once place’, meaning the same misfortune does not occur to the same person. But it did for humans. Humans were the creation of nature, first, they exploited and brought destruction to nature, and then their creation ‘so-called advanced technology’ brought their destruction, in turn.

The most unfortunate thing is, even when they realized what they were walking into, they did too little, too late. As of now, there are only 115 known species left on the earth, their environment is polluted, and so is their mind. Once known as the blue planet is now almost painted with concretes everywhere. Remember these words children ‘if you give a slave too much power, they will always overthrow their masters. ALWAYS’.

You are now going to leave the safe premises of the school and enter into things much bigger than ever. You will make decisions that will shape the world to come. I urge you to take a lesson from their stupidity, as we cannot afford to make such grave mistakes. Instead of stripping of nature, let’s blend with them. For every invention we made, let’s plant one tree. For every food we consume, let’s feed another being. Let’s not build the most advanced planet, but let’s build the most sustainable planet ever.”

The crowd of youngsters with eyes full of determination left the premises as after the day trip ended. Mr. Sakirato was again reminded by his secretary, “Sir, did you had the chance to reconsider your decision of what to do about the new contract that we received from humans and we are withholding the decision?”
“I have and the answer is still the same, a big NO. We don’t want any involvement with the humans. Under no circumstances, we are going to make any kind of contract with them. Convey the response to them and then immediately terminate every contact portal, we have with them, so they cannot reach us again.”
“Yes, sir. I will ensure your orders are carried out immedietely.”

At night, Mr. Sakirato finally reached him home later than usual. His pet grosil, a dog-like creature, with wings, who was sleeping on the bed, woke up to the sound of his footsteps and flew towards him. He embraced and caressed his pet and carried him to his study. His large study table had several small desk plants, all pink. All but one, which was green in color and was carefully encased in a glass jar. He played his favorite show on TV and sat down with a dinner plate and his pet ‘Pluto’ on his lap. He laughed and laughed as his favorite cartoons featured on the giant screen. Accidentally he cut himself with the sharp corner of the plate and red blood gushed out of it.

He then stopped at once and mumbled to himself, ‘I am truly sorry fellow humans, but it is the end for us. I simply cannot risk another planet’s destruction in the name of ‘another chance’ that will not make any difference either way.’


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Author: susmita bhaumik
Susmita Bhaumik is an enthusiast writer that writes for both her profession and passion. She resides in a metropolitan city, Kolkata, with her family, in the states of West Bengal, India. When she is not writing creative articles for her digital marketing firm, she enjoys writing short stories, poems and novels.


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