the Revival Center in Cadillac Michigan

Written by Cari Dehne |
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Sitting atop the green grassy hill

City in my forfront I see a cross white in color

I go up to the top from a long dirt road 

Leading to a steeple and acres of land all around


I walk up here from time to time

Where the air is so crisp and clear

The factories billowing smoke doesn't reach this place

I feel open-minded, ready to feel the warm breeze


Trees sway and glisten in the sunlight

The small town of Cadillac is resting 

Tired from a laborous day in maufacturing industries

People go home to dine, and unwind and tend to their chores


But, something is up here, I say to myself

I am a curious girl and need to take a look

The sky is turning dark, and I gather my strength

To hike through the tall grass near some small dunes


Around the corner of a church there lies a forest

Tucked away and hidden there is something that awaits me

I bring a special friend to come explore with me

I see there are deer tracks layed out before me

i follow them and wonder where it may lead

I see a bunch of wood piled up and manmade

A teepee shaped stack in a fire pit lined with rocks

I also see what looks to be old couch cushions


Who could have been up here? Indians, white folk? 

Anyone from the church has seen this, I wonder

I feel the mosquitos start to bite and wonder back through the forest

Back to civilization and where our truck is parked.


We decide to leave but we wonder if we should come back

The next few weeks we did and my boyfriend were amazed

That the grass was even thicker and we decided to lay

We felt the warm sum on our backs and flowers in bloom


We rolled down the steep hill and made memories there

I went away for awhile after we split up

Came back ten years later to find the cross still there

Sat by myself for a while listening to the noise of the town


It was different...the cross seemed smaller, as did the hill

I grew older and the air wasn't as fragrant.

My spirit longed to back with the one I was with

When we first discovered the hidden camp in the forest


I called up the same boy who now is a man

We chatted and decided we would trek up there again

I rode in his car and we took a tent with us

Risked being caught we hitched up our tent


And while laying there in the crisp of night

We held each other ever so tight, staring off

In the distance we could hear a loud voice

Sure enough a man from the church came forth

We explained we were just there for the night

This place wasn't so secretive after all

To us, it was our fort, our mysterious find

To the church it was tresspassing-perhaps a fine


So we packed up our things, our hands were ice cold

The night frost kept us awake and alert from thenceforth

We left in a hurry, and down the dirt-trodded hill

Back to civilization and where  we knew our adventure would end


I said goodbye, and thanked the man for coming back again

To keep memories in our hearts and our spirits alive

I will go back again, but this time with my children

And tell them the story of the time my spirit was truly alive


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Author: Cari Dehne
Born in N MI, youngest of 3 sisters. I am a fraternal twin. Play guitar and sing. Write music and poetry. I also have a 10 and 12 year old boy and girl.


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