The Revolutionary Experience

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It was exactly 8pm on Sunday, I fell asleep with dashing thoughts, of a prospective stressful Monday morning ahead of me. Mum would wake me up as early as 4 a.m, to prepare me for school, and meet up with work, in her office. She was the Personal Assistant, to Director Mayfair at Zenith International Corporation. She organized meetings, for the Director and attended the meetings with him, to take the minute, of each meeting. Dad was a traveler, I scarcely saw him, just as you scarcely see the President of any nation.

It was morning, surprisingly for the first time, I woke up by 10 a.m, I thought mum would have tried waking me to prepare for school, but I refused, so she left me and headed to work. I was wrong, Mum was in the sitting room. Mum its past 10, you are still home. Director Mayfair would fire you today, she looked at me astonished, are you okay? She said. I have been attending meetings virtually, with my holograms for many years now, why are you making a big deal out of it today? The meaning of what she just said, was yet to dawn on me. I just stared at what she called a hologram, and the just concluded minute of the meeting, she just typed on her laptop.

Esther, kindly raise the curtains, I moved towards the windows raised up the curtains. I screamed, shocked at what I had just seen. Mum, we are living under water, how is that even possible? Esther, what is really wrong with you today? We have lived in the City of Oceania for over 10 years now, why are you making a fuss out of it today? I was speechless, it was like I was in a strange place. Then the words came rushing in my head, Mum this is unbelievable, firstly you attend meetings using holograms and now you we are able to breathe under water, but we are not aquatic animals, how are we able to survive? I was still trying to make sense, of all that was happening, since Mum had bluntly refused, to explain it all to me. She probably thought, I was pretentious at this time.

Looking through the window an underwater drone was flown, by our house to my utter most surprise, it was owned by my Dad. Dad, where is your car? What is that, you are flaunting around the house with? He answered, Cars are outdated, and they were in use last century. I went further to question Dad, what is that machine? He looked surprised at my question. Esther, I am famished, and your question is ridiculous. He approached the dining and said, so you no longer recognize your father’s underwater drone. It seemed I was mentally unstable, my parents says I am asking ridiculous questions, whereas I was uninformed, of all that I had seen since I awoke from bed.

I decided to clear my head, by watching TV, unknowing to me, the action I was about to take would give me more cause to worry. I put on the TV and breaking news popped on the screen, British colonies the Moon and Mars inhabitant, fights for their independence from colonial masters, and it was dated 13th August 2120. I stood up from the couch, rushed to the wall and looked at the calendar. It was dated 2120, then I said this can’t be true, how are we still alive and young after a hundred and two years? They were beginning to conclude, that I needed medical attention. I ought to be excited about the advancement in technology, but I was incapacitated by the fact, that I had lots of catching up to do, as I had traveled into another century, with different technological advancement, from what I was exposed to last night.

I fainted immediately, it seemed my asthmatic condition had taking toll on me again, few hours later, I opened my eyes and saw Mum beside my bed. She said, get up and prepare for school, I was surprised at what she just said, I hopped out of bed opened the window and the world was familiar to me once more. I asked Mum curiously, what year is it? She looked at me, surprised at my unusual moves, she said 2018. I felt relieved, to know that it was all a dream. I was glad I cut a glimpse, of how the next century would look like. It’s going to be revolutionary, I thought.

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Author: Tosanmi Gbenebitse-daniel
I am Tosanmi Gbenebitse-daniel, I am from a polygamous home, I am a native of Delta State , Nigeria. I was born on the 13th of March 1997, in Lagos State, Nigeria. I graduated from high school in 2014, thereafter, I attended Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, where I bagged a National Diploma degree in Mass communications.


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