The Third Floor Bedroom

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“Lily go make the guest bed up”mum said looking at her “Why can’t Kate?”Lily said looking at her “Because I’m going to get auntie”Kate said looking at Lily “Fine”Lily said and went up to the third floor and opened the door and there was a boy about Lily’s age sitting on the nicely made bed “Hello”he said with a big smile “How did you get in here?”Lily said closing the door “I closed my eyes and said the third floor bedroom and here I am”he said “How thought?”she said “Magic”he said “Magic? magic isn’t real”she said “Oh but it is”he said “Show me then”she said folding her arms “See this bird?”he said pointing at a bird on the wallpaper “Yes”she said “Watch this”he said “Charlie,sit on my shoulder”he said and the bird came off the wallpaper and sat on his shoulder and he looked at Lily “That wasn’t real”she said “Yes it was”he said “Why are you here?”she said “I come here everyday after classes”he said “But why?”she said “Before we moved,we used to live here and this was my room”he said “Oh”she said “I’m James by the way” “Lily”Lily said “LILY, WE’RE GOING NOW!!!”mum yelled “OK!!!”Lily yelled back “Now,I have to go but never open the window because Charlie will get out and sit on the roof”James said “Won’t he just fly away?”she said “He can’t fly”he said “What do you mean?”Lily said “You’ll see”James said and he picked Charlie up and put back on the wallpaper “See you later”James said and disappeared “Ok then”Lily said.It’s the next day “Lily,go wake auntie up”mum said “Yes mum”Lily said and went up to the room and opened it and the window was opened and she looked at the wall and Charlie was gone and she ran over to the window and looked at the roof and all she could see was a young boy sitting on the roof looking down at his hands and he looked up and turned his head “Luke?”she said and he smiled and she jumped out the window and ran to him and they hugged “But you’re dead”she said “When I was in my coma James came to me and asked me if I wanted to come back as something else and I said yes and then he asked me what I wanted to be and I said a dove because it’s you favourite animal so he turned me into a dove and he said that when the window was open I could be myself again”he said “You did that for me?”Lily said “I didn’t want to leave you”he said and they hugged “Now I know why James said you can’t fly”Lily said and he smiled at her.It’s been about a month since James was in the third floor bedroom and been about 2 weeks since Luke was himself again “Lily can you take the sheets off the guest bed and put them in the wash please”mum said “Yes mum”she said and ran up to the room and opened the door and both James and Luke were sitting there and both looked up “What’s going on?”she said “The, it wore off”James said “Then why is Luke still here?”she said “The spell did something to me”Luke said “It’s the room”she said and they both looked at her again “What do you mean?”James said “The room,it’s magical,I didn’t see it before but it’s the reason you’re you again,it’s keeping you here to watch over me and the others.You weren’t meant to go the way you did and the room knows that so that’s why you’re still here because it’s keeping you here”she said and Luke got up and hugged her and she hugged him back “Lily,I have to take Luke back to where I come from,to keep him and you safe”James said “Yes but you’ll come and visit me,won’t you?”she said looking at Luke “When James comes,I will”he said “Good”she said “I NEED THOSE SHEETS!!!!”mum yelled “Now go”Lily said and her and Luke hugged and him and James disappeared and that was the last she saw of them until many years later when they were all much,much older and had children and they told the children of the third floor bedroom and told them of the magic that lies within the room that only few will ever know about.

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Author: Brianna Robertson
Hi my name is Brianna Robertson, I'm from New Zealand and I'm 16. I've loved writing since I was little and I do so whenever I have free time. Over the last year or so I've wanted to become a part of the film industry and am now an aspiring movie scriptwriter, that's what I do constantly. So this is just a little bit about me.
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