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Drunk from the night’s excitement, I decided to drive my way back home, “Don’t leave me!” I screamed at Tebb. Tebb was my best friend/ richest youngster I knew (just in her early 20’s); richer than Zuck, Jenner and the CEO of Flobb; all put together. She was handed over this great wealth by her father, which was worth trillions of dollars. Her father owned a multi-national tech company, who were technologically advancing the New York City. They controlled everything you could think of technologically about NYC. And when her father died, Tebb, as the only child was handed over the company. In a generation where it was uncommon to find SheEO’s, all her years of hard work and dedication finally paid off. So, Tebb drove me home since I was too drunk to drive, and left when she was sure I had got into my apartment.

The first creature I expected to see was Dummy; my little kitten. Every time I got back home after a tired day’s work, he would be the first creature I would see who was still awake at that hour of the night. I pulled off my shoes, still expecting to see “Dum”, as I would call him; but he was nowhere to be found. I was a little bit scared, but drove the thought out of my mind,” Where would Dum be at this unholy hour of the night?” Then I heard the sound of the kitchen’s tap running. “Oops, I forgot to turn off the tap again!” I thought. I got closer to the kitchen; and this time, I didn’t just hear the tap running. I heard whispers, footsteps, someone coughed,...the unthinkable! Was it my ears imagining stuffs, or was it for real? Did I just get burgled? Wait! First of all, I thought it was impossible to be burgled! The Sheriff had bragged about the area been robbers -free and that no burglary had been reported in the past 20 years! Although, hard to believe because of where I come from.

 I tiptoed to the other side of the kitchen’s wall to look through the dining window when I saw little Jomi trying to open the kitchen’s fridge. She had probably been sleepwalking all through the entire night and Dummy had been following her. I sighed,” That was a relief”.”At least the Sheriff was right!”

Still, how did the tap get running and who had been whispering. Jomi sleepwalks, not sleep talk. Besides, she was too little to reach the tap’s switch. Who then did it?! Then I saw a tall man, face painted, wearing a zebra’s costume. The flip switched in my mind, “It was Christmas eve!” My family had stayed awoke all night waiting for me so we could celebrate together!

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Author: Kiyesola Kolawole
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