The Top 10 Best Surfing Spots In The World

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Kelly Slater voiced the thoughts of surfing fanatics when he said about surfing- “It’s like the mafia. Once you’re in-you are in. There is no getting out.” Die-hard surfing fans do all it takes for a ride on the waves. They have their adrenaline levels shooting up by upping the challenge seeking out oceans and seas even if it means trotting the globe to do so. For these surfing enthusiasts, here is a checklist of ten such exciting surfing spots:

1. Mentawi Islands, Indonesia

Mentawi Islands are a consistently popular surfing destination. They are best visited during the months of June to September as the swells are at the peak. The best surfing points on the islands are at Pagi, Siberut and Siparo. The waves, popularly called Bankvaults, Macaronis, Lance’s Left and Lance’s Right and Gilligan’s, cater to professional surfers as well as beginners.

2. Black Beach, San Diego, California

Black Beach beckons seasoned surfers with its powerful breaks and strong currents. It holds the distinction of being the best surfing spot on the coastline of United States as it offers the best waves the whole day through without the obstacle of fierce winds changing the course of the waves.  

3. Oahu, Hawaii

Another renowned surfing spot in the United States is in Oahu. This surfing destination figures on every surfer’s bucket list; the reason being Pipeline, which is one of the biggest and heaviest waves in the world. The waves crest at about six meters from a shallow base of a table reef which is razor sharp. Surfers believe that if they have not tried out riding out this big daddy of all waves, they have not tried out anything in the surfing world! The island of Oahu is also credited with being the creator of surfing.

4. Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

Jeffery’s Bay or J Bay is set in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. This shoreline boasts of deep break points at many waves named Magna Tubes, Boneyards, Albatross and Magna Tubes. But the dream choice of every surfer is the wave named Supertubes. Supertubes metes out the highest walls of water and unexpected delights as the waves begin to roll over into tube forms.  

5. Bundoran Beach, Ireland

One of the best surfing destinations in Europe, Bundoran Beach in County Donegal is a few hours from Dublin. The chilly sea breeze is more than compensated by the shining green waters of the Atlantic. As the waves roll and bounce over the flat rocky reefs and headlands, every surfer wants nothing more than to hop on the surfing board to ride them.

6. Superbank, Australia

Superbank is in Gold Coast in Australia. The coastline of this surfer’s paradise runs for about 70 kilometers. It has four classic break points, the most popular among them being Superbank. Superbank generates tubes and walls and takes the surfer on the ride of his life. Gold Coast is also populated for its vast expanse which enables surfers to flock to it in huge numbers.

7. Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Fuerteventura is fondly called on the coast of Africa as its Mecca for surfers. In addition to the compatible weather conditions with climates hovering from 18 degrees to 24 degrees Celsius, surfers also have the bonus of getting to ride The Bubble which is the expert right-hand tube wave. Other waves include Harbour Wall, Mejillonas, Rocky Point and several others. October to March is the best season to enjoy some of these spectacular waves.

8. Costa Rica, Central America

Enjoying the coastlines of both the Caribbean and the Pacific, Costa Rica naturally becomes a surfer’s favorite surfing destination. Though the waves can be surfed the whole year round, some of the best challenging waves can be expected from April to October. Expert surfers can experience the sport in Playa Naranjo or Ollies Point and beginners will enjoy the 30-meter waves at Tamarindo Beach on this coastline.

9. Tofino, Canada

If you do not mind the cold, Tofino on Vancouver Island, the surfing capital of Canada, is the perfect surfing destination. Every break on the surfing turf offers views of the scenic rainforest which surrounds this coast. Be armed with thick wetsuits to beat the chill and enjoy the views.

10. Sultans, Maldives

With around 1190 coral islands, Maldives is a surfer’s paradise. The islands offer some tricky waves like the Pasta Point which give a choice of both left-hand rides and tube riding. But surfers should always be wary of sharp and hazardous rocks in this otherwise beautiful surfing spot.

Many aspects, wind, wave, tide, swell and seafloor meet, add up to make surfing a wholesome experience. But it is the surfer’s determined will and a naturally compatible destination that make this water sport a fabulous and memorable experience. Polish your surfing board and head to one of these surfing destinations and see your surfing dream come true.

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