The Turntable of Life

Written by DAVID GRASBY |
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On the turntable I spin these songs
Memories of my life
From Floyd to Zepplin
My scars run deep
As I watch that black circle spin
The labels all different
All unique lessons in life
Expectations lost along the way
As the tunes play in these old ears
I think about things I should have done
Directions I avoided because of fear
From Hysteria to New Jersey
Love lost and gained
No sense of accomplishment
Lost in insecurity
A mark for society
A beat down of confidence from all angles
I lost touch of me
I was a mere boy in a young man's skin
Lost track of life
Nowadays I spin past the regrets
Lift the needle of despair off
I focus on the music of my life now
Two beautiful kids and a wife of 14 years
I still spin those vinyl to reminisce and hold to some part of my past
The future is full of reissues with better results
The turntable of life will spin to the end and I will enjoy every label I see
and carry on with positivity and love for my family and the friends that come once in a great album.

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Form of Poetry

Free verse

I have been writing for 20 plus years


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