The Twist

Written by William Kekaula |
Joe: "It's 9 a.m., here in Gotham and my partner, Mike and I, have been here since 7 a.m., and we also passed a cow coming over here!"
Mike: "That was no cow sir just a very nice looking St. Bernard, sir."
Joe: "Who asked you, your holiness. It was very big, and if it had chased me, I would have had to use all my bullets and yours, just to put it down!"
Mike: "Sir, they are lifesaver's!"
Joe: "You mean they are life takers, enough then, just tell me what you have so far.   What a mess!"
Mike: "Well sir, we have the victim here [points to the body] a Mr. Carl O'Malley, age 69, caucasian, and a retiree. He also owns one vehicle, parked downstairs, we're having it towed down to the yard, it's a gleened cherry apple special, 4-door convertible, fully loaded, 32" screen HDTV, but one setback. Just a small area, we had found some corrosion, sir."
[Joe and Mike steps out for a bit while the victim's body is removed]
Joe: "Did he have any heirs?"
Mike: "Not that I know of sir?"
Joe: "Okay, I want you to check if he had any relatives. Afterward, [whispers] check on the blue book value of that car, then get that information back to me. Okay, do you understand me?"
[CSI signals that they are done]
Mike: "Yes sir."
[Joe takes a call and returns after a short while]
Mike: "Sir, they have just removed the body and that everything went like clockwork."
Joe: "Well, let's get back in there and do some detective work, what do you think."
Mike: "Sir, as you can see, they align the markings on the floor where the victim had been shot. The victim was in a twisted position on the floor. When the body fell, it fell to a contort position."
Joe: "That's good! Could I get an officer, please!"
[an officer approaches, and Joe hands him a bag]
"Now, I want you to take this bag, then seal it for me." 
[officer returns with the sealed bag]
"Now, attach this small bag with it, it's the victim's personals. It will need to stay in the evidence room until the next of kin is notified. Here's the paperwork that goes with it."
Officer: "Sir, you forgot to sign it."
Joe: "Okay, give it to me, [writing] and there it is, done, and now that you have my signature, off you go!"
[standing in the hallway, seeing off the officer, a woman carrying an infant juggling groceries were in passing]
Joe:  "Cute kid, bet he likes to be cuddled."
Woman: "Bet SHE don't!"
Joe; "I was going to help carry your bags, but  ."
Woman: "Looks like you can't even carry yourself!"
Joe: "Well let me carry the kid then."
Woman: "Nah, you'll break him!"
Joe: "THE KID?"
Woman: "Okay, come on then, you big gorilla!"
Joe: "Well, that is a surprise, here let me take that for you."
Woman: "Thanks, the kid's name is Joey!"
Joe: "Well, what do you know, that's my name too!"
Woman: "Your name is Joey?"
Joe: "Well, it's Joe, Joey, only to ma!"
Woman: "You had a mother."
Joe: "Oh, don't start up again, I'm still recovering from your first knock-out, and I think that it was an upper-cut."
[more giggling]
Woman: "Name's Mary. You a boxer Joe?"
[an apartment hallway talk fades]
[Joe returns]
Mike: "Sir, can you come in here. Now, admittedly I was a bit confused at first, but my subconscious mind led me to believe that the victim's back was most likely facing the assailant before the attack, and just when the victim had turned, that's when the shooter shot him. That's also in the responding officer's reports, both stated that the body was slightly twisted around. 
Joe: "Well, that's how we found him Mike but what I don't understand is all the blood spread all over the place?"
Mike: "Sir, I think the way the blood is all spread about the room's mid-section, other than where bled out on the floor.  Picture this. Mr. O'Malley was a ballad dancer, saw the pictures, it's all over the place, like the blood."
Joe: "What's your angle?"
Mike: "This guy is dying and realizes that he is not in the place that he wants to be at the end of his life, in his kitchen. And what does he do, the guy wanted to be on stage and he was in pickle, after all, this was his final curtain call so he did what he did best and being in that spinning momentum, he did that pirouette thing, and by looking at the amount of blood loss, there seems to be more blood on the walls and stuff, then on the floor. In the end, he must have been writhing in pain."
Joe: "Amazing kid! To the very end eh? The final curtain. That's something kid! I bet you're hungry."
Mike: "I'm starving!"
Joe: How's about a 20" Gotham pizza on me."
Mike: "Wow, thanks, sir."
Joe: "Come on, let's get out of here before we become furniture!"
[coming to Joe's car outside]
Mike: "Sir, I wanted to thank you for helping me out since I started
Joe: "Just get in the car kid before your pizza gets cold."
[two guys saw getting into a car laughing]
Joe: "You know kid, you did good, you did real good. You are going to do good in whatever you do, and wherever it takes you, kid."
Joe: "I think it's way past time, you earned your stripes today." Great job kid! Oops! I meant to say, thank you, SIR!"
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Author: William Kekaula
I am a retiree of the hospitality industry, presently, residing in my birthplace town of Hilo, Island of Hawaii, a.k.a. Big Island, in the 50th State of Hawaii, USA, and as a writer, I have a passion for poetry, fictional and nonfictional short stories.


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