The Two Friends Part1

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"Tom, lets go play in the woods with our marbles."


Came Jack's voice. But no one answered. Jack called for his friend a little bit longer and then gave up. He went to their favorite spot to play and wait for Tom there. Jack on the other hand had come to the woods earlier in the day after he was tired of waiting for Jack.


Tom came across very big footsteps and curiosity took the better part of him so he started to follow them. The tracks lead into the middle of the forest where everybody was afraid of going. As Tom approached a small opening, he heard a loud thundering coming his way. He got up a tree very quick and hid. He saw a very big man about the size of twenty normal men.


"This is got to be a giant." 


He said to himself. The giant came where he was and picked him out of the tree like a little bird. Tom's heart started beating very fast. The giant took him a long way from home and past the big forest where he did not know. Jack came along the big footsteps too and him being very curious he followed them too. When he got to the place where the giant had gotten the giant from he found Tom's hat there and he knew something had gone wrong. He took the hat and followed the giant tracks till it was night. He ate wild fruits and slept in the wood where mosquitoes attacked him very bad.


He got up in the morning and continued with the journey. He did this for three days and three nights and finally he came across a very big cabin with a very big mahogany door. He knocked on the door and out came a very old looking man.


"What does you want chap?"


Asked the old man.


"I is looking for me friend Tom." 


Said Jack. The old man looked at him and then he said.


"Does you know who this cabin belong to?"


"No sir but I is looking for my friend."


"How does you get here?"


Asked the old man. Tom explained everything to the old man.


"Your friend is here chap, but you is not going to be able to get him out because the giant is going to get you.


"What giant?"


Asked Jack.


"The giant who kidnapped your friend." 


Said the old man

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