The Viking Attack

Written by Janelle Molony |

The  Viking Attack

By Student, Age 10.


My name is Sir David. I'm a general in the king’s army.  I am 25 years old. I had a friend named the Black Knight. He was my brother. I was also an archer and I had 10 years of training.

I have a horse because I was closer to the king, and he was also my father.  My horse is 7 ft tall. I also have a gold helmet and a 5 ft long sword. My armor is chainmail with big metal plates over it.  my armor was hot because it had lots of metal that absorbs heat--that's why if you're in the summer, it's really hot. Wearing armor is heavy and hot, but I went through training so I could get used to wearing 70 pounds of metal.

One day, the Black Knight and I were in full armor and we were walking in the forest. Then I looked up and saw there were Vikings. I knew they were Vikings because they had leather armor instead of metal chain mail, and they were very bulky.  I didn't know why they were here. I thought they came from across the sea.

Before the battle, I thought they were here to trade but then I saw them with swords, spears, bows, and slings. I thought it was a battle and I was super correct. It was kind of a surprise because when the Black Knight and I were going into the forest, we were only going for food. We weren’t going to battle. All that we knew was that we got in a fight over who should be king--that's why I think they're here.

Suddenly they fired three thousand arrows at us. I was scared that I was going to die. Then the Black Knight and I jumped on our horses and gallop toured them.  They missed. I could have gotten 6 perfect shots. They missed really badly.

I thought they were very bad archers. Then the Black Knight and I got on our horses and started galloping towards them again.  I landed the first blow on the first guy that sounded like “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” When I jumped off my horse, I landed with a thud. My armor was jangling.  

They kept fighting until there were only two men left. Those men were the kings general and the king. Finally, they surrendered and we had victory.

Then the Black Knight and I went to the king. I told him that we had victory over the Vikings. He granted me to be King when he dies. I was proud of myself.

I was happy to become king one day because I would be able to rule over England. The Black Knight would become Prince. Then, when I die, he'll become king. I think he’ll like being king, too.   

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