The Wilderness

Written by Omar Mohamed |
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By: Omar Mohamed

I slowly got up feeling like a brick hit me in the back of the head. As I got up I started feeling light headed and almost fell on the floor. After gaining control I started walking around yelling, “HELLO!? CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME!?” A couple of meters away I found my bag with some holes at the top. I opened it up and found a knife, a can of beans, and a compass. I picked up the can and opened it with me knife and ate it. I cleaned the knife and put it back in the bag. Then I pick up the bag and throw the can aside. I continued to look for other while screaming their names.            

“NICK!? ANNA!? JOSH!? DRAKE!? WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!?” All I could hear were wild animals shouting back at me. It started to get dark, so I walked until I found a cave. I walked into the cave. I pull out me knife because I heard noises. It kind of sounded like growling. As I walked I saw a corner and a shadow behind it.  I slow tip-toed to it and poked my head pass the corner to see what the shadow was. What I did was not very smart because what I saw was a bear and it was wide awake. I slowly backed away from where the bear was. I back up until I was outside of the cave. Then within seconds I was on the floor. The bear jumped on top me almost slashing its claw into me. I manage to push the bear off, just so I can get so breathing room. I started to panic and just try to stab the bear. Then I managed to stab the bear right in between the eyes. It fell to the floor. Then I dragged it back it to the cave and skinned it. I headed back outside to find wood to make a fire. When I came back to the cave I made a fire and cook and ate the bear’s meat.

 After dinner I fell asleep. In the middle of the night I woke up by a wolf’s howling. The howling seemed to be getting closer, but I fell back a sleep. The next day I want out to look for the nearest town. I use me compass and head north-east. As I was walking I saw a wolf and a bear who looked like they were about to fight. I walked close to watch, but then I step on a twig. “SNAP!” the two animals shot all they’re attention towards me. I slowly started to back away. “Sorry for interrupting this thing you guys were about to do.” I said, “You guys may continue.”

I slowly backed away, but neither of them looked away. Then they looked towards each and run towards me. I started running as fast as I could. Then suddenly three more wolfs came out of nowhere. While running I look back just to see if they stop chasing me and fought each other instead. While I was looking back I fell off a steep slope. When I reach the bottom, I slid across ice on my back. My knife and compass flew right out of my pocket. I slowly got up trying not to fall. I walked towards my compass and knife I pick it up. Then I saw that the animals were falling down the slope. I think that I would get a head start. As I turn to run I slipped and landed on my back. Then I noticed that the animals were catch up with me. I crawled to the solid ground and got up and started to run again. Only four of them where chasing me. I turned around to see how far ahead I was. Out of nowhere a wolf was right behind me and slashed me across the back. I fell to the floor. The wolf jumped on top of me and tried to bite my neck.

I struggled to grip my knife form my pocket. When I got my knife out I manage to stab it and kill it. The other three animals caught up with me and surrounded me. I tried to stab them before they get close to me. One of the wolfs jumped on me that I fell and hit my head so hard I fell to the floor. The wolfs jumped on me and start to tear my flesh form my body. I could taste the blood in my mouth as I started to black out. I shouted, “HELP! HELP ME!” I accomplished to killed one the wolfs and injured the other two. The unexpectedly I heard a noise, but not any noise, the sounds of other humans. It was so loud that it didn’t just scary me it also scared the animals. They retreated. I passed out again because of the blood loss. When I woke up I found myself in a cave. I felt like I loss a bad fight.

 I looked around and wonder how I got in here. At first, I thought I was in the cave I first found and dreamt of the animals. Until I saw the deep wounds on my back and chest. “Hello? Is anybody here?” I asked. Then I heard people walking towards me. I was so excited I jump up at them. Unfortunately, that scared them. “AKAN MEFE HOSHENA?!” One of them howled. “What?” I asked not understanding what he said. “AKAN MEFE HOSHENA?!” He yelled again. “I don’t understand what you’re saying.” I said. “GEKE FASIP!” He said. “Why are you yelling?” I ask.

They look towards each other and started to talk. I notice that more of them came inside the cave. Now they’re where at least fifty people in the lager cave. They all stared at me like I was an alien or something else. One of them caught my attention. She was a young girl who looked around my age. She had long strawberry color hair, just an inch passed her shoulders. She started at me differently than the others. Then she said, “Akan fobka kalita.” “Who are you people?” I question. She replied, “Lost.” “Lost? Do you know how to speak my language?” I asked. Then three men walked in with some meat I couldn’t tell what type of meat it was. Everyone gathered around the men, except for the red-haired girl. She continued to stare at me. Then I walked up to her and asked, “What did you mean lost?” “F-fo-food, n-n-no.” she stuttered while shaking her head. “Why no-.” A man grabbed me and offered me food. I look towards the girl who was still shaking her head. I refused the food and decided not to take eat it.

After everyone was done I walked deeper into the cave until I found this tunnel. I went into the tunnel and I saw a bag ripped up bag with blood all over it. I recognize the backpack. I pick it up and look inside the bag and found a picture of my friend Drake and his fiancée. Then I realized why the girl didn’t want me to eat the food because they were eating Drake! “NO!” I shrieked. I covered my mouth and thought I need to get out there and I need to get out now. I wait until it was night and everyone was going to sleep. I got up and grab my knife and compass. I also had the picture of Drake and his fiancée because I had to break the news to her when I get back same for everyone else families and friends. I felt so sad, but I was determined to go home. I run out the cave, but before I was out of the cave someone grabbed me hand and I stop to look at who it was. It was the girl form earlier. I didn’t think to ask her if she wanted to come with me, I just run with her out of that cave.

Later I found another cave. I said to the girl, “Wait here.” I think she understood because she stayed in one spot. I checked the cave to see if anyone else was there. When no one there I called out to her, “YOU CAN COME IN NOW!” She walked into the cave and looked at me with a smile. I looked around the cave to admiring the beauties of it designed. When night came I try to talk to her. “So, do you know any English?” I asked. She stared at me confused. “You don’t understand me, do you?” I sighed. “It’s going to be a long day tomorrow.” I started a fire with some wood and rocks I found on our way here. I took off my jacket and she took off her wool sweater. I sit down and she sit down next to me. “How are we going to communicate if you don’t understand me, and I don’t understand you?” I said. “Huh?” I changed the subject. “Do you have a name?” I asked “N-n-n-na-name?” she questioned. “Yes.” I said. “A-A-Amy. N-name Amy.” “My name is John.” I said. “J-John.” She said. “Maybe this whole communication thing is not going to be as hard as I thought it would be.” I said happily. “Huh?” she said. I laugh and she did too. I lie down and she laid right next to me. “Good night.” I said. “G-g-goo- good ni-nigh-night.” She said while smiling at me.


            I woke up and saw Amy already awake. “Morning sleep head.” She said. “Moring.” I said as I got up. A couple of minutes later me and Amy get our coats on and went to go look for some more food I got me knife and compass. I rarely carry my knife with because the last time I was attacked. As we walked we stumbled upon a tree. “We need more wood.” Amy said. “Okay, here’s the knife.” I said as I handed it to her. As she was cutting the wood off the tree I saw a wolf in the distances, who looks like he spotted me to. I heard noises on the other side of me. I look and saw another wolf. That when I look all around us and saw more wolf. “Honey, I think we should go.” I whispered. “Why?” she said. “Wolf pack.” I said. She handed me back the knife. I turned towards all the wolfs. “What do you think we should do?” I asked. I waited for an answer. “Honey?” I turn to see she was running away. “REAL?!” I said as I started to run. The wolfs ran after us. We ran as fast as we could. We kept look back and not paying any attention to what was in front of us. Then we fell down a steep slope. “NOT AGAIN!!” I yelled as I fell down the slope.

When we reach the bottom, I got up and pickup Amy and ran into a cave with the wolfs right behind us. We ran into a dead end. We turned to face the wolfs who were closing in for the kill. Suddenly Amy took me knife form me. “What are y- AHHHH!!?” I screamed in agony as Amy stab me. I screamed so loud and sudden it scared the wolfs away. “WHAT WAS THAT FOR?” I shouted. “It was an idea that worked. Sorry.” She said it with that smile I couldn’t stay mad at. “It okay.” I said in pain. After, we continued head north. And around five hours afterwards I found some footprints on the snow in front of us. “My people or your people?” Amy asked. “Let’s hope me people.” I said. We followed the footprints for around three hours. “I so hungry.” I said. “Same here.” She replied. As we walked I saw a town a couple of miles away. “Defiantly my people.” I said with some confident. While walking I felt a little dizzy. “Ugg… I don’t feel so good.” I said. “Maybe we should take a break we have been walking for eight hours or so. Come on let’s sit down for a while.” She expressed. “No, I don’t think so I been stuck in that cold place for at leashed nine days or more.” I said in pain.

So we continued to walk for an hour before we reached the town. When we reached the town, lots of people were walking thought the streets. “Yep, defiantly my people.” I said while suffering. Someone walked up to us and said, “What wrong with you guys you look like you just attached by a bear.” “More like bears, loin, and wolfs.” I said. My head started to throb. I fell to the floor. “John!” Amy yelled. “What’s wrong with him?” the man asked. I didn’t hear what Amy said after because I passed out again. I woke up in the hospital and look around. “Amy?” I asked. “I’m here.” She said. “We made it. What happened?” “You passed out.” she said. After I had been released me and Amy what to this place where the leader of the people who lived in the town.

When we got there, he saw us and said, “So you guys are lost right?” “No.” I replied. “What are your names.” He asked. “My name is John and her name is Amy.” “How do you guys know each other?” he asked. “We’re married.” Amy said. I looked towards her. I was shocked she said that. We have known each other for only a couple of days and I always thought where we’re just dating. “Are you guys planning on staying here?” he asked. “Yes. Just for now.” I said still shocked. “Okay let’s get you a new home.” He said with a bright smile. Later we were settling in our new home. “I love it here, don’t you?” Amy asked. “When did we get married?” I replied.



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Author: Omar Mohamed
Im am 20 yrs old and in college.


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