The World Below

Written by Michael Henry |
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From here we view infinity

Through starlight’s hazy glow

The heights we’ve reached are unsurpassed

Compared to the world below.

The human race is but a speck In our magnificent creation

And tiny ants think they control

Each kingdom and each nation.

Yet little do they realise their place in our great plan

We, the creators, looking down on pathetic little man.

For over eons we’ve observed that fragile world below

And gazed in sad bemusement at how little those ants know

Time and space and matter all contribute to the mix

For how much longer can those tiny ants neglect to fix

The awful devastation wrought by their mad intent

To abuse that small blue planet and its fair environment

And in a distant universe, beyond infinity’s horizon

There spins another planet in starlight’s fading glow

Perhaps a new replacement for

The dying world below…

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Form of Poetry


Author: Michael Henry
Born in Ireland and raised in England, I have travelled widely both before and after my arrival in Australia which I have called home since 1966. I have a Certificate III in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). I have also edited texts for published works. Now, with working life behind me, I'm looking to indulge in my passion and see what the future holds...
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