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Portugal is home to several world class cities with one of the major cities being the city of Porto. Porto is the second largest city in the country in terms of the number of people residing in the city, the physical size of the city and even the level of infrastructural investment put in place within the city. Precisely, Porto’s population is around 2.4 million people and this indeed underscores its position as one of the most strategic cities in the country.

The high population within the city can be attributed to the fact that it has adequate infrastructure that make it an ideal place to live. In addition to that, the city features decent urban housing facilities, good schools and adequate medical facilities. In fact, a recent study ranked Porto as the third most habitable city in Portugal.

One of the most interesting facts with respect to Porto is the fact that it is regarded to be one of the oldest cities in Europe. This historical heritage is the reasons why the city was classified as a World Heritage site by the United Nations.

The classification of Porto as a World Heritage site has indeed served to attract, many tourists who throng into the city each year to see some of the amazing sites that the city prides itself of. Some of the areas that are regarded as key tourist attraction sites within the city include the Porto Cathedral. The Porto Cathedral is considered a unique tourist attraction site mainly due to the fact that it is considered the oldest architectural structure that was put up in the city. In addition to the Cathedral, there are other notable tourist attraction sites within the city of Portugal and they include: the Palacio Da Bolsa, the Porto Historical Centre, the Café Majestic and the Torre dos Clérigos among others. 

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