The World Of Cherry Blosoms In The Underworld

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I was an ordinary teenage girl who was carefree and cared nothing of the world, my family was an owner of a dry cleaner store I was teased by many but I never cared I loved my family no matter what they had but  to my surprise we had an old well but had an ancient symbol on it, my grandpa, always say Tomiko do not go there because that well is called the dry bones well where many souls are trapped and many were killed coldhearted by the unknown, of course, I laughed because no such thing exists in the 21th century. 

One day when I was coming from school I got attacked by a weird thing with many arms that I was so scared that I did not know what to do but scream but by time help got there I was pulled in the dry bones well while going through the well I saw many souls shouting for help! Help! but what could I do when I did not know what to do myself.

The world I entered with the creature it was unknown and had a smell of rotten flesh everywhere and bodies all over, that time I missed my family so much and wished I had believed in my grandpa crazy words, the creature told me his name was brydormau and he wanted my help to escape he said the place he bought me was called underworld it’s a place with many creatures who souls were sealed into the bodies of demon in night they were flesh eaters and in the day they were half demons which meant they were back their original forms where they lived peacefully to farm for a living, he told me that the sense of my blood was what got him through to pass the dryboners well I never understood what the hell he was talking about I asked him in a shaking voice “ are u going to eat me brydormau” he said in a sweet voice “no I will protect u but I will never harm u, may I ask your name my fair maiden” I replied in a calm voice ‘my name is tomiko aska” he smiled and said “u have a beautiful name as beautiful as my love but sadly she was killed by those who are unable to remain half demons’ I said in a shocking voice “unable to remain half demon!” he said with a smile “I will not hurt or harm you they are the ones who feed off the flesh of humans and other demons as for me I only feed off of small creatures like deers, snake, rats but not humans nor demons I wish to never lose the little human left in me’ I have never felt so sad in my whole life because to me he was a pitied soul who wanted to remain half demon. After a while I realized something so I asked “wait a minute you said you do not eat humans but what would a human being doing here?”he said “not all humans are bad or good so what happen is this :you have humans who are greedy and seek the help from the wrong people in turn for them to get what they want they have to go in the dark forest to sacrifice themselves or a loved one to get what they need but the secret behind the dark forest is that its an entrance to the underworld once entered there is no turning back “ I then asked in a shaking voice “n……..ooooo turning back! The….n how would I get out of here?’ he looked at me with eyes wide open and said “ I will let u leave once my soul is unbound from this body with your blood I can leave” I asked “how can my blood free you and how would I be able to accomplish this? Will I hurt you?” he said holding my hand and gently kissing it and said you would have to cut my chest open and directly drop your blood in the wound but it has to be done within the time of the full moon” I said I wish not hurt you but if I do not do this then I won’t be able to go home.

Within the next few days we talked and we got to know each other more, when the time came to do the ritual to unbind the soul from the demon body I could not do it I was too scared because all the time I was in this rotten flesh world he never left my side once nor did he try to hurt me.

When we got to the ritual site, I found it breathe taking seeing the buds on the cherry trees around me; I could feel the energy packed within them, a bouquet of fireworks whose fuse had already been lit. I could smell them, too, a subtle essence of pink and lollipops, the sweetness deepened by the scent of the slowly warming earth below them at the same time tears filled my eyes knowing that I would have to open the chest of the person who was taking care of me all this time I felt my heart broken under this beautiful site” I ran suddenly to hug him because I never know when I will ever see him again and I thank him for everything then I took the knife in my hand and stabbed his chest with my blood dripping in his chest he gave me one last smile as I saw his soul being unbound from the demon shell he was free at last and to my surprise he was very handsome then in a blink of an eye I fainted when I awoke I was in my bedroom once again like nothing happen but I knew what I saw and it was real. I said in a happy voice “I hope he is ok and he will be safe on the other hand I missed our friendship even though he was a half demon who lived in the underworld”.

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