The Yellowstone Park

Written by Nam Raj Khatri |
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I was eager to see a magnificent scene of nature that led me to visit Yellowstone Park. It is a historic park with a collection of all treasures of nature in one place. After visiting the key features of the parks, I decided to take a sweet memory. I was thinking how to do that. I came out with the idea of mixing the same with my creative time in the park. 
I sat under a tree and opened my art book. I had carried few pencils, packets of pastels, reason, and tissue papers. I looked around, however, none of the sites would things I wanted to carry in memories. Knowingly or unknowingly, I wanted to include all features that were alluring and still fresh in my mind. However, it was not possible to see the scattered scene in the whole park. 
I closed my eyes. It was gloomy scene around which opened up slowly and the scene started to appear gradually. There was a Clearwater flowing in a river with jumping waters. Bank of the river was golden stone with an extraordinary feature. I made a sketch of the same in the middle of the paper. Another side of the bank away from me was grey hillock from the center of that was the continuous geyser. Highly concentrated steam emerged from it and went up spreading gradually giving rise to the shape of a white tree. I made a sketch of that one also. The sky in the background was blue and completely opened. In near site on the bank, there were wildflower looking different with red color. It was moving with the gentle wind. I put that one also. On my side over the yellow stone, a grey wolf was stretching its body with head upward and tail downwards. It was howling I guess that is expressing happiness. I was like a reckless person in that lonely place. People call me some time eccentric person. As I was filling colors in the sketch I was first in tension. After few rounds of detailing scene opened as I intended.  I was glad and lost in the artwork. Abruptly I noticed a sound of footsteps and then a few clicks of a camera from my backside. A beautiful woman appeared in slow motion in the front. Packed up my memory of nature and this new memory appeared. 

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Author: Nam Raj Khatri
Environmental Engineer from Nepal. Interested in art, photography, writing and short movie making on natural acting.


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