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My favorite place in the world is a library just miles from my small, quiet hometown. Though some say libraries are becoming irrelevant with the recent rise of the Internet, I’ll never forget the day I first walked into that sacred palace of learning. 

The fantastic floor-to-ceiling windows were the first thing to catch my attention. Being trappped inside doing school on a sunny day becomes tolerable when one is surrounded by those windows that allow rays of sun to creep inside and bathe you in warmth. I prefer doing schoolwork at the library to doing it in my own home. Next, I was astounded by the discovery that the library has two floors (double the amount I am used to). Ascending the stairs, I felt the weight of my backpack grow heavier on my shoulders, but the discomfort proved worth it when I reached the top of the stairs. On the second story, I found numerous stations designed for getting schoolwork done. Thankfully, comfy, cushioned chairs were also provided for simply sitting down to read a book. This brings me to the most wonderful aspect of the library: the books. As is consistent with any good library, the smell of books permeated the air. Lined up all over the library, shelves were stocked full of books on almost any topic. If you couldn’t find your book on the shelves, you could research your topic on the computers dispersed intermittently about the building. Indeed, the library was a gateway to learning.

My first day at the library was uneventful. I finished my schoolwork at a wooden desk in a rigid wooden chair and promptly went home.

Since that initial day, I have learned a few things. For instance, the cushioned chairs are more comfortable than the wooden ones (we all make mistakes), librarians are friendly people, and time passes too quickly at the library. I have learned to savor every last moment that I get at this sacred place.

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