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Good girls make bad decisions

on the whim of a good heart,

Always second best,

Always second guessing themselves.


Feelings get lost, and broken, 

and scarred up, and healed over,

Until my mind loses interest,

And my heart loses the will 

to feel anything at all.


I lose myself in the timeless tale of a love that burns bright like sunlight, 

Until it burns me.

Then the castle burns too, 

and it crumbles like every fairytale that came before it.

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Form of Poetry

Prose Poetry

Author: Rebekah O Reilly
My name is Rebekah O’Reilly, and I’m 16 years old. I have been passionate about English for as long as I remember, and hope to someday become a journalist, or a poet, or an English teacher....but for now you can find me here on WriterlyWords.


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Card image cap Terry Shuff - Good boys make bad decisions also. we learn from them,only it is the hard way. Learning from others mistakes is an easier way. Then we can help them,which is a great career. Many opportunities out there,many people need help.

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