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Learning Portuguese, or most foreign languages for that matter, is not the easiest task that one can embark on. There are several challenges, but with the right information and a little dedication, you can learn the language of Portugal.

Spelling and Pronunciation

The first tip to learning Portuguese is understanding the spelling and pronunciation of some of the more frequently-used words in the language. There are several nouns, verbs and adjectives that are commonly used every day. Having a grasp of some of these common terms will provide the right framework when it comes to later stages of the learning process.


Listening to Portuguese speakers is another essential trick that can assist you in making headway with your quest to learn the language. You can make it work by watching Portuguese TV, children’s shows, tuning to Portuguese radio, or using digital platforms such as YouTube. The advantage of listening to speakers is that it will enable you to learn the correct pronunciation of words. This will ultimately allow you to have a refined grasp of the language and be understood as you attempt to speak the language.


Reading Portuguese literature is also another effective way to the language. You can read diverse types of literature including children’s books, magazines and at advanced stages, novels. Reading is an important component of learning the language since it will give you a better understanding of how the spoken language and written language compare.


Insist on having people speak to you in Portuguese, but ask them to speak slowly. This is a tricky thing for learners to do since we are often in a hurry to complete the task at hand. Just be patient and ask the native speaker to be patient with you. One of the most notable challenges in learning Portuguese is that native Portuguese speakers will prefer to speak to you in English once they realize that you do not have proper grasp of the language. However, tell them that you are trying to learn the language and insist they speak to you in their language.

These are just but a few tips that will enable you progress in your quest in learning the Portuguese language. 

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