Tips for Becoming a Great Poet

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Becoming a general writer requires commitment and patience. However, growing as a poet calls for more than just that. You need to be meticulous in choosing words that let the entire world know how you feel so that people can relate to your story. Here are a few tips that can make you a great poet.

Maya Angelou

Choose One Type of Poem That You’ll Stick To

There are numerous opportunities to write a poem. For instance, some writers find favor in writing romance, war, haiku, or pastoral poems. Therefore, before calling yourself a poet, find one area that interests you the most and start exercising your writing skills. Most successful poets are known for specializing in one or more disciplines, but not all. Specializing in one area will give you the advantage of carving out your niche and advancing your writing. 

Find Your Inspiration

Most poets who’ve become successful have a motivation behind their writing. Some of them are nature enthusiasts and find it natural to write a poem by just seeing something unique in their environment. If you like watching movies, note some fresh lines or expressions and then consider focus on that genre of film.

Avoid Writing About Emotions

When writing a poem make it your goal only to tell your audience what you touched, what you did, and the delightful memories you had; among other things. Make your writing relate to your readers' experiences. Avoid only using your emotions when writing as readers will often fail to connect to your feelings. 

Make Use of a Thesaurus

When writing poetry, try using as few words as you can. Use appropriate words to describe things in your writing. Words and their subtle nuances are powerful. Master them.

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