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What are Cliches?

A Cliches is a phrase or term that has been used to the extent of losing its original meaning. Cliches phrase may be overused to a point where they became irritating or trite whereas at one time they were considered novel or meaningful.

In phraseology, the phrase refers to an expression forced by usage of conventionalized linguistic. The word is mostly used in modern culture for an idea or action that is predictable or expected based on a previous event. When used sparingly, clichés may succeed, but when used in speech, argument, or writing, is generally considered a mark of lack of originality or inexperience. Examples of common cliches;

  • Avoid it like the plague.
  • Dead as a doornail.
  • Low hanging fruit.
  • Thick as thieves.
  • Happily thereafter.
  • Cold as ice.
  • Easy as pie.

Sometimes clichés tend to dramatize and simplify. Instead of accepting that the story does not necessarily end with happiness and that serious love takes time to develop, clichés make the writing seem shallow hence uninteresting.

Clichés may also be images, characters or ideas rather than phrases. For example; "He is a Superhero" Meaning he is incredibly good looking and strong.

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