Top 10 Best Skiing Destinations in The World

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Every season has its own share of excitement and fun to look forward to. With winter, it has to be skiing. Determining the top 10 skiing destinations in the world is certainly subjective. Nevertheless, be it for beginners or professionals, every snow clad mountain invites with its sheer white slopes, lovely landscape, and snowy energy. For a wholesome skiing experience of high slopes, ski lifts, and breathtaking mountain scenery check out these best skiing destinations around the world.

10. Wanaka, New Zealand

Among the world’s prime adventure towns is nature’s pet, Wanaka in New Zealand. Located on the shores of the rambling and lovely Wanaka Lake which is in the middle of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, the town is surrounded by rugged alpine scenery. Four skiing areas are within a 40-minute drive of the town. With the most snowfall and skiable terrain in the country, the ski areas are steep and have backcountry-style terrain. Intermediary and expert skiers love the varieties of plummets, groomed runs, chutes, ridges and wide-open bowls but for beginners the options here are limited.

9. Kitzbuhel, Austria

Once an enchanting primitive village, Kitzbuhel now stands as a popular international skiing destination on the world map. The charm of the skiing area is enhanced by scenic and sprawling slopes. Tourists, as well as skiers, are smitten by the gondola trips to the mountain, horse-drawn carriages, and cobbled streets. Skiers who are foodies too instantly fall in love with the place for the sprinkling of mountain huts which house restaurants serving delicious menus on the slopes!

8. Girdwood, Alaska

For a rustic skiing experience, Girdwood with its natural forest settings is the best bet. Life for the natives here revolves around skiing and snowboarding. The ski area is located at the edge of the town and it facilitates skiers with six lifts, two magic carpets, and a 60-seater tram. The north side of the mountain offers splendid views of the ocean.  Although the slopes favor an expert skier more, there is a smattering of beginner runs too. Hiking fans are also bound to be delighted with some in-bound hiking trails here.

7. Jackson, Wyoming

If your skiing dream includes zipping down big mountains, Jackson Hole in Wyoming will make it come true. The town of Jackson is located south of Yellowstone National Park and the ski area is a 12-mile drive from it. With its 4139 feet vertical drop, a mind-boggling variety of bowls, chutes, glades and cliff drops, the Jackson Hole caters to extreme and expert skiers. For beginners, there is the round trip on the tram which offers them a chance to pick up tips from professional skiers as they plummet down the steep slope in addition to being able to see the stunning views from the peak.

6. Bozeman, Montana

If skiing bruises are prized trophies for you, head to Bozeman. Considered the adventure capital of the Northern Rockies, this old Montana town has two of the primary ski hills in America; Bridger Bowl and The Ridge. These were the slopes that extreme skiers like Tom Jungst, Scot Schmidt, and Doug Coombs learned the ropes of skillful skiing and set the bars for hardcore skiers to try out the challenge. The new Schlasman’s Lift provides access to this backcountry-style terrain.

5. Aspen, Colorado

One of the most popular skiing destinations in North America is Aspen. The four slopes for skiing and snowboarding are all within a ten-mile radius. The Aspen Mountain is regarded as the most consistently steep areas in Colorado with close to zero green runs. The other three slopes which are Snowmass, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk have skiable terrain which even suits beginners. The lift ticket includes all the four slopes and there are also free shuttle buses to them from Aspen.

4. Cortina D’ Ampezzo, Italy

The ski areas around Cortina appeals to the aesthetic side of a skier with its dramatic and scenic slopes. Additionally, it is a favorite of children and beginners with some slopes like Mietres and Socrepes specially dedicated to them. There is the convenience of free shuttle buses to the ski areas with continuous trips during the functional hours of the lifts.

3. Chamonix, France

Figuring on every professional skier’s list as the birthplace of extreme skiing, Chamonix is set in a deep and cleaved valley close to the trisection of France, Switzerland, and Italy. The steep slopes can be accessed with premier snow lifts and trams from where the skier can zip down on skis. Snowboarding is also equally enjoyed. On a particularly good snow day, vertical drops of 9000 feet and above are possible. Chamonix has possibly the most number of glaciers and crevasses among the ski areas of Europe.

2. Banff, Canada

Located inside a National Park, Banff is incidentally one of the most cosmopolitan skiing destinations. The place, in addition to being surrounded by snow white skiing slopes, has eateries catering to international cuisines, museums, attractive tourist shops as well as nightclubs! Banff has three skiing areas all within a 50-minute drive. With a single ticket, you can ski at all three areas.

1. Zermatt, Switzerland

While Switzerland ticks every box on a skier’s list with its consistent snowfall and various mountain ranges, Zermatt is the icing on Switzerland’s cake. This is because Zermatt is blessed with The Matterhorn, which is considered one of the best mountains on Earth for its dominating and spiking pyramid. Three skiing zones are interconnected in Zermatt with each zone having its own bunch of ski lifts. While the stunning scenery takes your breath away, the skiing, as well as snowboarding, add volumes to the share of enjoyment.  

Spending a day on the slopes at these skiing destinations offers you not just a chance at your favorite winter sport but plenty more; breathing in the invigorating mountain air, having the cold nip at your cheeks, and feasting your eyes on miles of mountain landscape from atop a ski lift. This makes it pretty hard to pass up a top 10 skiing expedition, doesn’t it?

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