Top 10 Most Romantic and Unique Honeymoon Destinations

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Couples all around the world select hidden corners or secluded places to spend their honeymoons: Maldives, Hawaii, Sri Lanka and others are the major spots to welcome the newly-married couples. Naturally, the secluded beachy corners provide a space to have alone time for the loving hearts and to connect with one another on a deeper level. But what if you discover new places, not so distant ones to spend your honeymoon? Maybe you simply wish an experience you did not have before and want to plunge into unique places of romance? Perhaps, they may not be a hub of plentiful azure blue beaches with white sand but will give you a feel of romance all around the area. Below you will find a list comprised of ten romantic places to spend your honeymoon:

10. Klaipeda, Lithuania

Klaipeda is a seaport on the eastern part of Lithuania. This is where the Baltic Sea meets Dane River. Klaipeda still preserves the German flavor in its Old Town, meaning it possesses a well-structured architectural plan. To sweeten your stay even more with your sweetheart, you may do so by taking an excursion in Roshen Confectionary factory. But Klaipeda is not merely a dessert to taste, it is a dessert to experience. With its array of spa resorts and holiday homes, Klaipeda will give you the space to recharge your mind and dive into the magical aura of romance.   

9. Geneva, Switzerland

Known as an international city, a hub for international conferences, organizations and many high-class events, Geneva is not less attractive for the newly-married couples. The charming Jardain Anglais, the botanical masterpiece- Flower clock and other sites will please your heart with their gentle charm. But if you are spending a honeymoon in Geneva, make sure to take a boat trip through the wonderful Lac Léman and why not go out of the frontiers of Geneva and entice the beauty of the nearby lakeside towns.

8. Verona, Italy

Whenever we hear the name Verona, we constantly fancy Romeo with Juliette. This is a place where Romeo fell in Love with Juliette. Only one sentence and it is enough to imagine a place filled with romance. But did you know there was indeed such love story in Verona? If you wish to go back in time and plunge into the romantic tale and love story, Verona is there waiting for you to embrace in its arms.

7. Lake Gosh, Armenia

If you are not that much into comfort and willing to explore places out of your comfort zone, Lake Gosh will give you plenty of delights spending a couple of days in a tent. The nature surrounding the lake is awesome. This corner is one of the unique places in Armenia that is still in major part unspoiled. To feel closer to the Mother Nature and its wonders are what the area of Lake Gosh will offer you entirely.  

6. Stein am Rhein, Switzerland

Lying in the very spot where Lake Constance and the River Rhine intersect, Stein am Rhein has got its name exactly because of this fact: in this intersection site, there is a stone that gave the name to the town- Stone on the Rhine. This fairytale place will not leave anyone’s heart untouched.  How does one imagine romance and its relation with art? Did you ever think of that? Perhaps they are mutually interchangeable; perhaps they fuel one another or they might heighten each other’s value? Love is inspiring, it gives you wings to fly over your fears and reach the “moon”. And so art does. In Stein am Rhein, you may uncover your artistic soul or maybe realize with your special one that art is what unifies you two. Diving into its artistic soul and why not taking an art workshop with your loved may turn into a unique honeymoon.

5. Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne- the Olympic capital… No wonder why it has attracted great thinkers like Voltaire in different periods of time. The elegance it exudes is unrepeatable… Lausanne is all about exquisite taste. And if you plan not spending much money on your honeymoon, it is better to skip this city of charm. When talking about romance in Lausanne, you should pay particular attention to venues: where to stay, where to have a romantic dinner. There are plentiful of fine spots in Lausanne to celebrate your honeymoon on a high-class level. To name a few: Le Brasserie du Royal, Anne-Sophie Pic au Beau-Rivage Palace, Chateau d’Ouchy.  

4. Aqaba, Jordan

When visiting Jordan for a beach holiday, many travelers choose the Dead Sea. It is clearly not in comparison with other seas of the world, as the healing properties of the Dead Sea are not to be surpassed. But when it comes to romance, Aqaba with its year-round sunny beaches of azure blue will surely melt your heart. The city lies on the edge of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba. Exploring the coral reefs of the Red Sea, swimming in the azure-blue sea and taking a step further to experience water sports, like diving to delve into the magic of underwater world… Is there a more indulging experience you could have for your honeymoon? An extra point to select Aqaba: you will feel privileged to spend a honeymoon at the intersection of three continents- Asia, Europe, and Africa.  

3. Lake Como, Italy

Boasting with panoramic views, the surroundings of the Lake Como are inspiring in many senses: for artistic awakening, to get a taste of fresh mountainous air blended with a lake view, and obviously possessing endless corners of romance. One of the most charming places in Lake Como area is the city of Bellagio. Not by a chance, Bellagio is named as the “Pearl of Lake Como”.   

2. Crimea

What you will love about Crimea is that it is all-encompassing: in this sunny peninsula you will find calm beaches to experience solitude with your sweet half, or you may delve into touristic spots luring with their unique castles. When in Crimea, there is one special site to be visited: “Swallow’s Nest” Castle, set beautifully on a hilltop close to Yalta- a resort in the Black Sea. For an evening dinner for two, the wonderful Crimean wines are there to give you a taste of romance. Driving about 200 km North along the seafront, you will arrive in Feodosia - a small Crimean resort, which is the birthplace of the famous marine painter Ivan Ayvazovsky. The sweet melody of the seagulls, the gently playing sea waves will make you feel a pure romance. This side of the Black Sea coast is genuinely breathing with romance.     

1. Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland

Perhaps, you might be surprised why the list starts with a name not having such fame as Hawaii, Canarias or others, and you are curious to know where is this place located? Rapperswil-Jona is one of those places that touch your heart with the tender fleur of romance. The city is nestled along the charming shore of the Lake Zurich in the German Part of Switzerland. 

When you enter the magical garden of Roses and take a walk along the beautiful lakeside promenade, you will realize why this place is so special for the loving hearts.


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