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Photography is the art of capturing memories of remarkable times through images. Some pursue photography as their hobby whereas some make it their profession. Whatever be the case, one has to be highly passionate about it. Capturing a moment in a frame is not that easy as it may sound. Anybody can click a photograph but in order to retain the beauty of the photo it is essential for the photographer to know the basics of photography. Amateur photographers who have just started out as professionals must have a thorough knowledge about photography. There are even times when professional photographers forget about some elementary points without which the photographs lose their impact. Every photographer, be it starters or highly experienced, must follow some simple tips which will be highly beneficial for them. Those who carry out photography simply as a hobby can also go through these tips. There are many aspects of photography which needs to be kept in mind while clicking pictures. These tips might come in handy which cover almost all the major aspects.

Be on a level with the subject

While taking a photograph, if the camera is held at the eye level of the subject then the expression is captured in a wonderful way. For children or animals, it is best to lower the camera to their eye level. Even if the subject doesn't look directly at the camera, it doesn't matter.

Using flash outdoors

It is often thought that flash should be used during the night only. But this is not true. Even during the daytime flash should be used. The use of flash depends on the weather as well as the distance of the object from where the pictures are going to be taken. The fill flash mode in digital cameras should be used for sunny days and within a distance of five feet. It can also be used for cloudy days. In case of subjects at more than five feet distance, the full power mode should be used.

Clicking in a clutter-free area

A photo when clicked with a plain background looks much better than that of a background with many objects. This tends to draw attention away from the object of the photograph. Every photographer should make it a point to check the background before clicking a photograph.

Shorten the distance from the subject

While clicking a picture, the photographer should shorten the distance from the subject. This makes the picture more vibrant. The aim of the photographer should be to fill up the space of the picture with the object.

Create sharp pictures by focus locking

The focus should be locked when the subject is not in the middle of the picture. The locking can be done in the following way:

  • The subject should be centered and then the photographer should press and hold the shutter button halfway down
  • The camera should be positioned in such a way that the subject is not in the center.
  • Finally, the shutter button should be pressed down to capture the picture.

These are some of the top tips which should be followed to make an impact on photography. is the spot where one can get to know about two immensely talented photographers who consider photographyM, as their passion. Even though it's their hobby now, the photographers are keen to make an entrance into the professional photography world. They have already done many assignments which are really worth praising.

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