Torres Vedras: Portugal's Enchanting Area That is Steeped in History

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An enchanting area steeped in history, Torres Vedras is a city and diverse municipality on Portugal's west coast. The municipality is only 40 miles North of Portugal's capital of Lisbon. Its golden beaches, red roof tiled buildings make it the perfect beach getaway from the capital city. It's relative location to Lisbon also made it the perfect location to protect Lisbon from French attack during the Peninsular War.

While the sandy shores and picturesque views within the municipality may draw you in, the city of Torres Vedras is a place which can take you back in time. Visit the ruins of a Moorish castle, overlooking the town, which once was the home of the first Portuguese king; Afonso I of Portugal. Walk down the welcoming and friendly downtown cobblestone streets, while peering into buildings that are centuries old. 

The municipality 's charming coastline means it has a bustling restaurant scene that includes a variety of seafood dishes. Lush terrain also surrounds Torres Vedras' coastal areas, allowing the farming and wine industry to thrive and for the town to have some of the best food on Portugal's west coast.

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