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The friendships I’d made,

The ones I’ve forgotten,

Feelings of freedom

and ones that turned rotten.


Days spent zipping,

and slipping,

and plunging in puddles.


The laughter, and after,

God only know s the latter 

our estranged wonder 

could have sought us.


So now when the singing 

turns to ringing in our heads,

I know, as sure as time changes,

I shall not forget it.

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Form of Poetry

I do not know?

Author: Rebekah O Reilly
My name is Rebekah O’Reilly, and I’m 16 years old. I have been passionate about English for as long as I remember, and hope to someday become a journalist, or a poet, or an English teacher....but for now you can find me here on WriterlyWords.


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