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A Brief History of Schönbrunn Palace (House of Habsburgs)

Located in Vienna, Austria, Schönbrunn Palace has a history that dates to the Middle Ages. However, it was not until 1569 that the estate came into the possession of the House of Habsburg (Haus Österreich) through Maximilian II. Prior to that, there were many documented owne Read More

Slovenia: The Stunning Overlooked Treasure of Europe

Snow-capped peaks of the Alps, warm Adriatic waters and world-class monuments are only some of the things that small country of Slovenia has to offer. Extending only about 20,000 square kilometers is one of the most underestimated and stunningly beautiful countries in Europe. However, in spite Read More

Zagreb, Croatia: Things to Do, Getting Around, Nightlife, & More

Year by year Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is becoming more and more popular among tourists. Although many people go directly to the Croatian coast to visit Split or Dubrovnik, Zagreb (which is located in the northwest of the country) has a lot to offer. It is a bustling city with a rich history a Read More

Beauty and Attractions of Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia

It seems like the best vacations and holidays are always accompanied by exploration where adventure-seekers quench their thirst for nature. Well, Croatia is one of those adventure-laden countries which hosts several thrilling and beautiful natural attractions; one of which is the unique and impressi Read More

About Croatia

Flag of Croatia

Croatia is a country within the Eastern Europe region of the continent of Europe. This country has a population of over 4,494,749 Croat people and covers an area of 56,542 square miles. The capital of Croatia is Zagreb. The country's GPS coordinates address is latitude 45.1 and logitude 45.1. [Map of Croatia].

Discover and explore Croatia. This online guide of information, articles, and photos of Croatia helps you learn about the cities, natural attractions, and Croat culture.

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