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The Old and New of Klaipeda Lithuania

Downtown Klaipeda and Its Arts and Crafts Festival Feeling like a city that wants to desperately escape its Soviet past, Klaipeda, Lithuania has a mix of the old and new. The former Prussian capital retains its discrete German architecture in the Old Town coupled with the remaining tower of t Read More

Lithuania as a Tender Echo in My Soul

It’s been a long time ago, a whole lot of ages have passed… So long that it seems as if it happened in the past life. Lithuania arose in my thoughts while working on a group project during my studies in Wageningen, The Netherlands. And this beautiful Baltic country instilled a sens Read More

Top 10 Most Romantic and Unique Honeymoon Destinations

Couples all around the world select hidden corners or secluded places to spend their honeymoons: Maldives, Hawaii, Sri Lanka and others are the major spots to welcome the newly-married couples. Naturally, the secluded beachy corners provide a space to have alone time for the loving hearts and to con Read More

About Lithuania

Flag of Lithuania

Lithuania is a country within the Baltics region of the continent of Europe. This country has a population of over 3,585,906 Lithuanian people and covers an area of 65,200 square miles. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius. The country's GPS coordinates address is latitude 55.169438 and logitude 55.169438. [Map of Lithuania].

Discover and explore Lithuania. This online guide of information, articles, and photos of Lithuania helps you learn about the cities, natural attractions, and Lithuanian culture.

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