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Top 12 Best Cities in Europe to Visit (Photos)

The best destinations in Europe are deep-rooted in history, charming vistas, spectacular cityscapes, miles of green countryside, timeless castles, poster perfect Mediterranean beaches, and gourmet cuisine, Europe presents all these on an irresistible platter! Help yourself to history, culture, Read More

Facts About Norway and Top Places to Visit

“The most beautiful thing in the world is the world itself.” You get to experience this saying when you visit Norway, a beautiful Nordic country in the Baltic Sea region of Europe. It is one of eight countries in the world that has land within the Arctic Circle. The other seven countries Read More

Stockholm Facts, Travel and Points of Interest

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. Also known as Venice of the north due to the presence of eye-catching buildings, inviting parks and plentiful museums. It contains an area measuring approximately 189 square kilometers with a national population of up to 9.9 million inhabitants. The name Stoc Read More

About Sweden

Flag of Sweden

Sweden is a country within the Western Europe region of the continent of Europe. This country has a population of over 9,016,596 Swede people and covers an area of 449,964 square miles. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm. The country's GPS coordinates address is latitude 60.128161 and logitude 60.128161. [Map of Sweden].

Discover and explore Sweden. This online guide of information, articles, and photos of Sweden helps you learn about the cities, natural attractions, and Swede culture.

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