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   With humanitarian issues on the table, it has only been the last three days that CNN has felt the Zero Tolerance policy of the Trump administration newsworthy. On Friday, June 15, 2018, they were focusing on who did or did not interfere in the Trump presidential campaign. If that wasn't enough to avert our attention from what really mattered, they threw around Hillary Clinton's name as an obvious effort to get the Democrats attention away from the atrocities which are occurring at our Southwestern border. It was not until the public outcry became loud enough to go unnoticed that they shifted a degree of attention onto the DACA policies. Yet they still do not focus on the whole truth. 

   The Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) oversees the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). The DHS talks a good line, but their numbers just don't add up. They say when a child crosses illegally over our southern border, with or without an accompanying parent or guardian, the children are put into detainment for approximately 45 days. They say the child is only held until a relative living in the United States comes forward to take the child into their home while awaiting an immigration hearing. If that is true then how in the world did the number of illegal immigrant children now being detained, (as of June 15, 2018) rise to 11,200? Even CNN is not focusing on the 100 detainment centers for children now located throughout 14 states. Instead, they focus only on the detainment center in Brownsville, TX which is the hollowed out Walmart Superstore, called Casa Padre.

    In an interview with Rolling Stone, Jacob Soboroff said that the children staying at Casa Padre sleep in warm beds, live in air-conditioned rooms, and eat and shower daily.  But Chris Hayes, a reporter who was allowed a one hour tour of the facility said that "a worker at the center approached him and asked him to smile at the children because they felt like animals in a cage being watched." Casa Padre, which houses approximately 1500 boys between the ages of 10 to 17, has no ceiling, just the steel beams of the frame and a roof.  The children are called to meals by the hundreds, waiting in long lines to receive a sandwich or a piece of chicken. Chris tells us that inside Casa Padre there are many large propaganda posters on the walls, all featuring photographs of Donald Trump. He quoted one with an accompanying text which read, "Sometimes when you lose the battle, you find a new way to win the war." 

   At this time the detainment centers are operating under the regulations of the ORR, a division of the DHS. But Donald Trump is looking into moving the children to military installations throughout the USA and putting them in tent cities. So much for clean beds, air conditioning, clean water, and toilets.

Also on the military bases, there are no regulations which oversee the care of these children. I have discovered that such moves have already taken place as early as November 2017. Nowhere did I discover where any young girls under the age of 18 were being detained. Also, there has been no mention of where infants and toddlers are being detained, who is caring for them and their living conditions. 

   Trump's Zero Tolerance Policy is inhumane and offensive to American women, who are well acquainted with his opinion of women who are not considered 'Trump pretty.'  We are all very concerned about the girls and the toddlers being held. It is interesting to note that this morning, June 18, 2018, CNN sports the news that Donald Trump could end this with one phone call. Some Republicans are saying this is the result of a law, yet others have said that there is no law regarding this.  I saw Donald Trump on television being asked if he would put an end to this, and he said, "No. I need a strong determent at the southern border." I saw him say it, and I heard his words. 

In April 2018, the New York Times said that if "no adult was found living in the US, these children (in the detainment camps) can languish in custody indefinitely. There is so much CNN is not telling the people of the United States. I want them to admit to the over 100 other detainment camps, throughout 14 states, all operating at over a 95% capacity. At this late date, I have to wonder that even if they did suddenly put an end to this, how many children and parents would actually be reunited? Parents do not know where their children are, and children do not know where their parents are. Another interesting fact is that Mexico has adopted a much more humane policy regarding the flow of illegal immigrants crossing their southern border. Once they reach Mexico, the illegal immigrants are bused to Mexico City, a point much closer to the US border.


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