Twisted History and Political Cannibalism

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So many customs typify our distant common tribal heritage pasts. Neither religion nor costume is of my practice, but, ritual, ceremony, and costuming are traditional means of understanding nature's sameness and diversities. Learning to walk in the shoes of another (of nature's identities, of whatever life form) was originally meant to be a way of understanding how 'nature desires' us to live in the world.

But the power of others took over and the meaning of customs changed along with loyalties and beliefs (religion, schools, politics, etc; and. the protection of the non-privacy reality of an internet and cell phone world) by lending to consumer minds a so-called modern view'. A way of putting tradition ('learning by experience') in the closet such that consumer realities tend toward the 'baseless' and are literally controlled by whatever ideas the providers can sell via/as a media 'learning net'.

The media net amounts to being an ongoing irrelevancy medium, a control tool for change, a way of shaping new generational minds in preparation for an inevitable future that more of the world is beginning to see. That is changes in existing human rights, laws, customs, and beliefs in preparation for population density changes as a result of global warming.

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Author: sand blown
worked in labs, manufacturing, mathematics teaching; now retired; love music, photography, fishing, mathematics and philosophy research; reading, writing, living, enjoying; andt....smiling : )


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