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Written by Nathan Munroe |
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                                            Where am I? 

This place that sound does not exist, and the continuous darkness that Intends on swallowing me whole! 


                                              Who are you?

                                               Who am I? 

This feeling that wraps me in confusion like a spider webbing its prey; nothing but one voice rambles on with my thoughts and they collide, and comforts me like soothing music. 



No roaring wind, no sparkly water, or evergreen mountains; it's as if I'm floating through space alone with a silky voice that yearns just like me to find its way home! 


My thoughts like babies; miserable and annoying. 

I can feel it;  words flowing in the sea of creativity and the kinetic energy of my brain propels words and their purity to my lips; that now shouts into the abyss. 



Your words hang on my brain like clothes on hangers; they're memorable like a song. 

The sweet sugar-coating of words gently pierces my heart; and thrusts me into a world with people once again. 

I'm home once again; oh, I can hear it once again: the banging of bells, the squawking of birds, and the shuffling feet of hordes!



Yes, it is as amazing as the dazzling creatures that swishes through the ocean. 



We see the same! 


We talk alike. 


We feel the same. 


We adore the simplest things! 

And we're the same entity with different needs; but we complete each other like two missing pieces of a gigantic puzzle. 


And thus we are the same person! 

Right you are; we are like the sun and moon, opposites but yet so alike.

And together as one we make the artist, you as the body to write it; and I as the power to create it! 




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Form of Poetry

I do not know?

Author: Nathan Munroe
I'm a writer from the Caribbean. I write anything and in all genres.
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