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Trust me to always be the wierd one. About 7 years back, when we'd go to church on sundays, we usually had series of meetings right after. One very not-so-fateful day during one of those meetings, being more of the naive and shy one I was, I walked wobbily to the venue of the meeting. Now it happened that it had rained heavily, and as a result, the chairs were slightly drenched. People looked around for dry papers to place on the chairs, and I followed suite. Now I had engaged in a slight conversation with a girl my age. We complained about the situation, meanwhile she had found a paper while I was still searching. Eventually I found a thin sheet which could barely pass for a paper. I placed it on the edge of one out of the four benches which had been arranged in a square. 

The meeting started, and not long after, the girl I had conversed with stood up and searched around for something, then walked up to me with a nylon in her hand. I stared at her, at it, and at the intention, took it and said thank you.

That was when the most horrible thing happened; I sat on it! And it only took me about three seconds of silence, the next five seconds of mumbling and sniffling, and one golden second of realisation to know what the bag had been for. Secret bag collection! It was like an offering, where money was being put into the bag passed to all members.I had to salvage what was left of my reputation and skillfully brought out the bag and passed it. While it was a horrible experience on my part, it was one very funny one for the people and witnessed it and probably you that'd read this also.

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